NCR silver pro

Simple, powerful, cloud-based POS system for small restaurants

NCR Silver Pro is a point of sale and business management system that helps restaurateurs track sales, market to customers and sell anywhere.

Quick to set up. Easy to use.

NCR Silver Pro was built for entrepreneurs like you—so you can move faster, modernize your operations and offer the best customer experience. With easy setup and support from your personal NCR Concierge agent, you can get up and running fast.

Key Features

Menu Management – Easily update pricing or menu items anytime from anywhere.

“86 list” automation – Give your servers a countdown on limited items to ensure the best customer experience.

Offline credit – Internet outage? No problem. Continue to take payments offline.

Table mapping – Help keep staff organized and minimize order errors with custom table mapping.

Customer loyalty & email marketing – Create email campaigns and loyalty programs to help drive engagement.

built by industry experts

All-in-one simple subscription with unmatched 24x7 concierge service.

Explore add-ons that simplify your restaurant end to end

Online Ordering & Contactless Payments

A digital ordering solution for takeout, curbside pick-up and even dining in where guests can easily order and pay from their own device.

Advanced Reporting

An easy-to-use application that enables you to monitor and understand your business performance, track over/under spending and compare KPIs.

Employee Management

Build and manage employee schedules and communications that also enables employees to swap shifts and make requests.

Inventory Management

Effectively manage your inventory to help boost profitability and reduce your cost of goods.

Gift Cards

Sell and promote both physical and virtual stored-value cards.

Kitchen Display

A kitchen display that gives your staff a digital order display that makes it easy to route customer orders to the kitchen—and turn tables faster.

Customer Story

"We love using NCR because everything is under one umbrella and everything is seamless. Due to the pandemic, it was kind of a no brainer to go to NCR to add on eCommerce. I gave them a call and I was up and running less than 48 hours later."

Keana McMahon, 11th Hour Brewing Co., Pittsburgh, PA

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