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From POS to payments to back office and beyond, we simplify and connect your operations so you can focus on your customers…and the future.

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Picture it: your store feels like the only one that just knows what shoppers want. They know you have the best offers. The smoothest experiences. Contactless options. The fastest checkout. People love that about you. You know it because they come back again and again. Share about you on social. Tell their friends. And guess what? There’s even more to love as you continue to grow. We help you do all that and more.

Watch the Northgate Story

Customer Story

California grocery retailer Northgate González Markets chose NCR Emerald to drive its digital transformation, connect its operations, integrate new services and compete. Read more about Northgate Market >

Run your store, end to end

The world’s biggest retailers rely on NCR software, hardware and services because we cover everything to run your store, from the back office to the front end, from mobile to payments, loyalty and beyond. That includes inventory management, ecommerce, special offers your customers can’t resist, cloud-enabled reporting, virtualization—and of course the most sophisticated and secure self-checkout and payment systems on the market.

Innovate faster

From changing consumer behaviors to disruptive online-only retailers, the retail industry is shifting too fast to let a siloed legacy POS system hold you back. It’s critical to be agile and flexible—and that’s where NCR technology comes in. 

We help you roll out new capabilities, respond quickly to market changes and get your enterprise ready for the future with an open, flexible architecture.

Customer Story

"One of Stater Bros.’ primary goals is to create a great customer experience in our stores. NCR Emerald's simplified architecture and API-driven integrations will allow us to enhance and deliver new customer experiences at a fraction of the time and cost." – Gil Salazar, SVP - IT, Stater Bros.

Customer Story

Now Salling Group's Bilka stores have SCO machines featuring NCR’s antimicrobial coating as a further safety measure in response to COVID-19. Read about how they're balancing store operations in the pandemic here.

Delight even more shoppers over time

When it comes to attracting and retaining shoppers, we help you stand out from the crowd and defend your marketshare by delivering the best experience. This includes helping you talk to shoppers as individuals through personalization—this not only drives loyalty, but increases opportunities for upsells, cross-sells and brand evangelism.

The world's top retailers use NCR for Retail. Shouldn’t you?

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See how NCR helps Intercorp run their store

“We expect to end the year with over 250 self-checkouts installed in more than 30 stores across the country”

What we offer:

Customer Story

With a wide range of customers, all with different needs, Iper Rosetto worked with their channel partner, IBC, to transform their checkout experience and delight customers — no matter their preference.

Some people like to check out solo. Others prefer a bit of interaction with an associate. No matter how your customers like to shop, we’re the partner that helps you stay agile so it's simple to deliver.

  • Point-of-sale software solutions (whether you have one site or thousands)
  • Point-of-sale hardware & peripherals
  • Self-checkout with computer vision 
  • Mobile shopping

Now it's simple to seamlessly close the loop between your online and in-store customer experiences. With NCR eCommerce powered by Freshop, you'll get a personalized web and mobile ordering solution, powerful picking and fulfillment capabilities, and an efficient pick-up or delivery process for a consistent, end-to-end customer journey. 

It's a cloud-native, white-labled solution that grocery chains count on for both curbside pickup and delivery. And it works with your store's existing systems for fast, easy integration and a seamless user experience.

Customer Story

NCR's cloud-based solution enhances data protection and facilitates payment management across all Roche Bros. supermarket locations.

Protect both your shoppers and your business from fraud with solutions for secure payment transactions—from the POS to the payment networks.

  • Flexible payment transaction
  • Centralized electronic payment management
  • Regulation compliance

Gain the freedom to run your operations more efficiently—even while you're out. That's because our back office solutions keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, saving you money and making it simple to take advantage of new technologies. And you'll never have to wonder how your stores are doing, since you can check in on all your data and analytics from anywhere.

  • Inventory management & replenishment
  • Forecasting
  • Central reporting
  • Product assortment & pricing optimization
  • Store system virtualization


Customer Story

"After searching the market for the best IT vendor and partner, NCR Power Demand AnalytX (DAX) solution stood out from the rest because it offered the most accurate forecasting engine available.” - Redner’s Market

Customer Story

With the help of NCR's technology innovations, Cencosud can now use the power of their data to transform every touchpoint and the experience of their shoppers.

You know those offers that make you feel like your favorite brand knows who you are and just what you need? Like the perfect recommendation or reward, at just the right time? That's what your customers want. And with NCR’s loyalty and marketing solutions, that’s what you’ll be giving every one of your shoppers, helping you grow loyalty, customer lifetime value and revenue.

  • Loyalty management
  • Loyalty analytics
  • Promotion engine
  • Suggestive selling

We’re the people who want to tell the story of how your retail brand became the best in the business. We want to show how you got more efficient, delivered the future of customer experience, found better ways to invest and are the example of what success looks like—no matter how the market changes. That’s what we look forward to, every day, by providing:

  • Managed services
  • Professional services (including digital advisory services, industry packaged services & implementation services)
  • Remote monitoring & management for connected devices
  • Front-end analysis & optimization

Customer Story

How are retailers like Sainsbury saving tens of thousands of hours in downtime while improving the in-store experience for customers? By partnering with NCR to ensure more devices are working in stores at peak times through managed services.

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