NCR Launches Next-Generation Digital Consulting Practices for Financial Services, Retail and Hospitality Industries

DULUTH, Ga. – August 25, 2016 – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a global leader in omni-channel solutions, today announced a new set of next-generation consulting services for the financial services, retail and hospitality industries. The new practices advance NCR’s leadership in consulting services for omni-channel transformation and integration, and complement NCR’s strategic solution offers: Transaction Processing for Digital and Payments Enablement – NCR will establish a global services practice to respond to demand for its intelligent transaction processing and...


Episode 2: The Business Banking Marketplace

Millennials & Business Banking: Are You Ready? Millennials are both tech-savvy and financially savvy. They are early adopters when it comes to innovation, an increasingly profitable market segment, and they are longer-term customers due to their age. For these reasons, large companies, industry analysts and even community financial institutions have begun to take notice and strategize on the most effective ways they can appeal to this special group of people and engage them as both retail customers and small business customers. This 4-episode web series is aimed at helping smaller and...

Did you know

Over 800,000 of the world's 3 million ATMs are NCR machines.