NCR Analytics

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Because when you know the whys and the hows, you can better serve your customers.


  • Analytics platform that gives retailers meaningful, near real-time insights to improve efficiency and decision-making
  • Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), featuring a streamlined, cloud-native data pipeline to reduce processing time and transmission failures, with cloud-native monitoring and alert capabilities and scaling and resource management provided out of the box by Google
  • Includes:
    • Cloud-based analytics and reporting
    • Seamless integration across NCR’s BSP platform (BSP)
    • Near real-time analysis and reports
    • Configurable alerts via email
    • Data visualization
    • Custom metric creation
    • Self-serve and customization
    • Mobile readiness



  • Descriptive Analytics: Real-time, detailed analysis of “what” happened within a business, based on all available data
  • Diagnostic Analytics: Provide meaningful insights answering “why” business performed the way they did
  • Predictive Analytics: Use machine learning & past data to accurately predict sales, labor & inventory for a business
  • Benchmarks & Measurements: Intelligent insights on comparative performance of products & businesses
  • Prescriptive Analytics: Actionable insights to help our customers activate opportunities to improve their businesses


Loss prevention

  • Helps retailers evaluate their sales performance by providing real-time visibility into sales and cashier performance, while identifying irregularities, touchpoint productivity issues and sales interruptions
  • Dynamic intervention for real-time fraud prevention by monitoring cashier behavior and enabling machine learning to expose irregularities 



Store productivity

  • Helps retailers streamline their operations by providing real-time visibility into sales and category performance, while identifying anomalies and new revenue opportunities
  • Utilizing retailers’ business history (data), NCR Analytics delivers automated insights into sales interruptions, sales diagnostics, and promotional and loyalty endeavors that vastly improve operations



Cashier analysis

  • Enables retailers to review and investigate cashiers’ risky behavior with real-time visibility of transactions and corresponding actions
  • Monitor cashier behavior with cashier scoring and alerts on risky transactions for real-time visibility into the actions behind every transaction



Cash office and end-of-day reporting

  • Gives retailers visibility for a holistic picture of their operations’ profitability with cash office and end-of-day reporting capabilities—making complex end-of-day processes simpler and faster, while gaining insights to constantly improve methods
  • Store productivity reports—filtered by time, cashier and touchpoint—and cash office income, expense and settlement reports



Fuel reporting

  • Enables visibility into how the forecourt is operating, detecting irregularities in station operations and inventory levels, so retailers can keep their forecourts fueled up, avoiding unnecessary downtime while learning how to improve their processes
  • With insights into fuel sales and inventory, retailers can detect fuel sale performance and analyze potential fuel losses to resolve issues right when they happen and prevent them from happening in the future, with the visibility they need to improve their decision-making for the forecourt




  • Browser-based interface (mobile and desktop views)
  • Dashboards customizable by persona
  • Easy to build dashboards that work on any device
  • Drag-and-drop mechanism
  • Fully customizable and exportable reports, charts and graphs
  • Report scheduling
  • Alerting


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