JINYA Ramen Bar

Aloha Essentials: The solution for JINYA Ramen Bar's online business.


JINYA Ramen Bar


When JINYA Ramen Bar needed to process surging online and mobile orders in 40+ locations, NCR VOYIX channel partner, i3 Verticals Point of Sale, brought in NCR Aloha Essentials—and now every order goes out fast and efficiently, saving costs at every site.

WHAT THEY NEEDED — Help with an onslaught of online orders

After moving to the United States from Japan, Tomo Takahashi quickly saw that something was missing: authentic, traditional Japanese ramen. So, as the son of a successful restauranteur, he solved the problem by opening up the first JINYA Ramen Bar in California. Ten years later, there are now 40+ restaurants in 15 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces. But when the pandemic struck in 2020, the restaurant’s operators quickly realized they needed to increase their online ordering capabilities and improve operational inefficiencies to provide seamless and contactless customer service. And they needed to do it quickly to stop sales from going through third parties and losing customers to competitors.

The biggest thing for the Aloha Essential program was to work with NCR VOYIX, for the great pricing, not just in the monthly subscription, but also in the payment processing. It is seamless, creating great customer service and responsiveness."
— Justin Bartek, Director of Marketing

WHAT WE DELIVERED — Aloha Essentials with payment processing

Already an Aloha user, they transitioned to Aloha Essentials in all of their locations, giving them a contactless way to handle the challenges of the pandemic—especially the surge in online orders. With Aloha Essentials, JINYA has a POS and restaurant management platform that includes online ordering and mobile payments, ensuring smooth service for their customers. They also can access reports and alerts so managers at any location can check in on the business. And the system’s cloud-enabled configuration makes it simple for JINYA to make menu changes on the fly—automatically updating their online ordering sites for every location.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT — Rapid ramen delivery—and ROI

Now it’s easy for JINYA Ramen Bar to fill their online orders while delivering seamless customer service, solving operational inefficiencies and making tedious, time-consuming tasks faster. Best of all, JINYA has increased their customer satisfaction while decreasing costs—saving hundreds of dollars every month at each of their 40+ locations.