Restaurant Solutions and Payment Technology

Restaurant Solutions and Payment Technology

Restaurant Solutions and Payment Technology

Technology is changing everything around us, including what your customers want. They expect choice, demand consistency and want to define their own interactions with your brand.


No matter your size or restaurant specialty, we can help you transform and take advantage of the digitization of the restaurant industry and the customer experience. We are leading the shift from a single point of sale to a platform of sale that enables you to embrace mobile and cloud capabilities, transform your operations, build connected customer experiences and bring everything related to transactions together within a single technology platform.

Goodbye, Tablet Trouble. Hello, Simplified On-Demand Food Delivery.

More options, more orders. Right this way.

Are you doing everything possible to engage your guests?

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Delivering an Exceptional Dining Experience


NCR's restaurant technology helps make everyday easier for restaurant operators. The magic of our restaurant management solution starts at the point of sale system and extends far beyond that. From greet to the seat, order to preparation, delivery to final payment, we help you operate more efficiently, manage your restaurant and engage your customers through a comprehensive and integrated technology solution.


We wouldn’t use any technology other than NCR’s. We rationalize the investment based on the time saved alone. Providing a quick, efficient and customized experience for each of our guests is worth everything in this business.