Environmental, Social & Governance oversight

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Georgette D. Kiser

Risk Committee Chair, NCR

At NCR, environmental, social and governance (ESG) play a vital role in our ability to make simple possible. Our Board of Directors is committed to making NCR a leader in ESG and holds oversight responsibilities for certain ESG matters.

How our board manages ESG oversight

NCR’s Board of Directors has direct oversight of ESG activities through its Risk Committee.

Formed in 2020, the Risk Committee assists the board in managing ESG priorities, including diversity, equity and inclusion, employee health and safety, environmental management, sustainability and data privacy and security.

Our day-to-day ESG activities are managed by our Vice President, Chief Risk Officer, who provides senior-level ESG ownership of and execution on our ESG priorities. The Chief Risk Officer reports on ESG progress to the Board of Directors' Risk Committee on a quarterly basis.

Relevant policies

•       Corporate governance guidelines

•       Corporate governance web page

•       Board Risk Committee charter