Chipotle Europe

NCR Voyix helped Chipotle Europe deliver online and mobile ordering with local languages and currencies to serve up the same delicious experience, everywhere.

Chipotle Europe

WHAT THEY NEEDED - Attracting younger diners

Chipotle Europe was already bringing quality Mexican-style food to Europe, with a focus on using fresh ingredients and maintaining consistent in-store experiences. But when it came time to meet the demand for mobile access, they needed some help.

Their goal was to engage a younger demographic by offering the mobile-first experience that millennial and Generation Z consumers expect. The app also needed to reflect a more consistent global brand experience—and they needed it fast.

WHAT WE DELIVERED - A sizzling mobile experience

NCR Voyix Digital already had a readily available solution: the NCR Digital Off Premise Ordering Web & Engage App with a customizable interface. This allowed Chipotle Europe to connect the app to their store tills and loyalty platform, and accommodate local currency and languages.

Thanks to an extremely store-compatible app, NCR Digital also delivered branding consistency across Chipotle Europe’s web and mobile experiences.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT - More orders, more fans & a seamless digital brand

NCR Voyix Digital made it possible for Chipotle Europe to offer the choice, customization and ease of mobile ordering that their increasingly younger demographic demands. They were also able to ensure the same look and feel as Chipotle U.S. by connecting every digital touchpoint.

Now, Chipotle Europe is at the forefront of customer experience in addition to great food and service. Thanks to our collaboration and quick work implementing their solution, they’re receiving additional orders through the NCR Digital Off Premise Ordering Web & Engage App, expanding their customer reach and making it even easier for burrito lovers of any generation to love Chipotle Europe even more.