The modern store by Zebra

Elevate customer experiences, optimize inventory and engage associates

The modern store

Retail is changing faster, and in more ways, than ever before. And it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The only constant in retail today is the knowledge that it will change—and keep changing.

Key Challenges
  • Staffing issues
  • Operational complexity
  • Shopper expectations

How do you define the modern store?

Enhance Customer Experience
  • 20% increase in time spent with customer
  • Reduce customer wait times by 23%
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores
  • Increase transaction value by 25%
Enhance the Checkout Experience
  • Accelerate checkout with personal shopping solutions
  • Streamline checkout with more accurate scanning and machine vision
  • Save customers time by automatically detecting the weight, price and quantity
  • Give customers the freedom of self-service checkouts
Improve In-store Service
  • Ensure skilled employees are available to serve customers when needed
  • Connect digital and store experiences with intelligent in-store kiosks
  • Improve the customer experience of in-store order fulfilment
  • Streamline there turn process
Optimized inventory
  • 99% increase in order accuracy
  • Reduce product waste shrink rates 27%
  • Easily locate90% of products
  • Achieve 98%inventory accuracy
Modernize in-store fulfilment
  • Pick faster with digitized lists of orders, and confirm pricing accuracy on the go
  • Inform workers of rush orders and curbside pickup via automated alerts
  • Cut walk time and inefficiency by locating nearly all SKU’s in real time
  • Ensure stores adhere to customer service level agreements (SLA)
  • Leverage RFID and location technology to drive better accuracy
Minimize theft and loss
  • Detect unseen sources of product and cash loss
  • Automatically prioritize losses by their monetary value
  • Automatically prompt and track front-line execution, valuating every action
  • Automatically sense mis-scans, tag switches and POS bypass
Improve on-shelf availability
  • Improve planogram and pricing compliance
  • Increase receiving accuracy
  • Access a real-time, accurate view of inventory quantity and location
  • Continuously monitor floor stock and selection
Engaged Associates
  • Increased scheduling time by up to 50%
  • Reduce employee turnover by 8%
  • Achieve 95%on-time task completion
  • Reduce store labor spend by 5%
Advanced communication and Collaboration
  • Answer customers faster and more accurately without leaving their side
  • Streamline communications to the front line, ensuring messages are received
  • Protect staff with emergency communications features
  • Connect departments across different types of devices
Optimize Workforce Management
  • Give workers a greater say in their schedules
  • Automate schedule swaps and callouts
  • Automatically create schedules based on employee preferences and skills
  • Increase the accuracy of workload forecasts for more ideal scheduling
Streamline Task Management
  • Adjust tasks in the moment to address real-time demand
  • Streamline workflows with automatically prioritized tasks and assignments
  • Increase task execution and associate efficiency with real-time alerts
  • Decreaseover time spend with automatic, equitable workload distribution

The modern store

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