Power Delivery

NCR’s Power Delivery uses mobile technology to verify the delivery of goods, capture signatures, and provide paperless invoices to the customer. This means far less paperwork in the corporate office after the route, and a more accurate view of inventory and billing.


You can also expect to increase cash flow by collecting payments faster from your customers. If you’re like most distributors, you’ve introduced technology into every other aspect of the supply chain. Now it’s time to tackle the last mile.


Product highlights


  • Electronic signature capture to improve traceability
  • Capability for drivers to apply payments to invoice details
  • Electronic delivery log to track variances from invoices
  • Synchronized delivery reports for warehouse and finance personnel
  • Printing capabilities for on-site creation of delivery and accounts receivable documents
  • Online delivery confirmations
  • Electronic tie between returned products and customer invoices
  • Driver productivity tools
  • Capability for drivers to match pick-ups to previous invoices

Features and Benefits

Key Features:

  • Scans delivery details via barcode scanning

  • Data can be interfaced with ERP, accounting and warehouse management systems


  • Real-time adjustments to electronic invoices at point of delivery to account for damages or inaccuracies
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Supports scheduled and unscheduled pick-ups and returns
  • User-defined surveys for start-of-day and end-of-day process


  • Eliminate paperwork costs for paper invoices, DOT checklists, invoice exceptions

  • Capture delivery exceptions such as damages, mis-picks or refused goods


  • Ensure inventory accuracy by confirming exactly what was delivered, and when
  • Reduce office labor spent reconciling invoice and inventory adjustments
  • Increase cash flow with clean invoices
  • Improve customer service through accurate delivery and billing