Power Enterprise


NCR’s Power Enterprise software platform optimizes the flow of inventory, data and payments through complex supply chain networks, with a special focus on excellence in perishable inventory management.

  • Business Management: financials and analytics
  • Customer Relations: customer service and order management
  • Supplier Relations: purchasing, vendor income tracking
  • Operations Management: warehouse management
  • Designed for food distribution, supporting all unique item attributes and business processes
  • Supports collaboration via electronic data exchange
  • Complete view and management of KPIs
  • Fully integrated with Power Enterprise suite of solutions
  • Leverages a complete platform to manage suppliers, customers, operations and financials
  • Manages the nuances of perishable distribution across every function
  • Increases accuracy of master data, saving money and administrative time
  • Provides managers with KPI information in real time
  • Improves margins by capturing all possible vendor programs
  • Facilitates paperless business processes