Power Sell

As a distributor, your sales force is responsible for driving sales and building customer rapport. But, are they fully equipped to do so? With a varied product assortment and multiple customers to visit, they often become order takers instead of trusted advisors. NCR’s Power Sell can help. Sales reps can now analyze purchases, suggest new items, and increase profitability for each order – which ultimately grows both your customers’ business and your own.


  • Empower sales associates to be consultants

  • Increase average order size

  • Promote new items to grow sales

  • Eliminate margin erosion with sales profitability analysis

  • Manage sales personnel through performance reporting

Product Summary


NCR POWER SELL - Retail and Distribution Industries 



NCR Power Sell helps sales reps establish the kind of rich customer relationships that will open up new opportunities and increase profit margins—for both of you.


Most sales relationships are based on long-established traditions. While a few customers tend to seek out the hottest, best-selling products, many still place their orders based on a standard template: same items, same quantities, and same low profitability. Meanwhile, sales reps often push their favorite wares—regardless of margin—and base their sales presentations on out-of-date or or information irrelevant to the client. 


But, what if your customers just couldn’t wait to see your reps, who continually provided creative, consultative and effective sales ideas?


This all becomes reality with NCR Power Sell, a remote sales force automation tool that provides the information needed to boost sales, manage customer relationships and drive your profitability.


  • Improves average order size
  • Drives sales by automating the order process
  • Proactively prevents sales attrition
  • Prevents margin erosion via hands-on price management
  • Improves cash flow with credit hold alerts
  • Prompts payment collection and customer notification



Put your sales force in remote control 


When your sales reps come to visit, customers expect more than a handshake and a smile. They prefer a consultative approach, where they receive in-depth information to facilitate improved ordering decisions.


With NCR Power Sell, sales reps have all the data they need right at their fingertips. During a sales call, the rep can perform in-depth analysis and answer detailed questions, from account status and item information to availability and product suggestions. No longer will reps place orders only to be told that inventory has run out, disappointing and frustrating customers.


Unprecedented access to information actually shortens sales calls, while prompting larger orders of higher— margin items. The sales force becomes more organized and effective and more profitable, by having direct insight into recommended and promotional items. Even better, customers are pleased with the improved service they receive—even as they help elevate your profits to new heights.



Product highlights 


  • Updated user interface allows intuitive navigation
  • Real-time inventory and order status information
  • New orders can be created from multiple turnkey guides
  • Review of profit and commissions
  • Extensive item information and reporting
  • Fast, flexible search engines
  • Detailed account information including orderstatus, order history, accounts receivable and more
  • Printing of product listings with barcodes
  • Flexible customer-specific notes
  • Suggestions for substitutes and items on allowance

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