Warehouse Management

NCR's Warehouse Management solution portfolio directs the movement of inventory throughout the warehouse operation, to improve accuracy and reduce overall operational costs. Our solutions have deep functionality around supporting perishable warehouse inventory, including traceability, product rotations and compliance with industry standards. Voice-enabled directed tasks and labor performance moderating modules enhance the solution.


Our Warehouse Management solution portfolio is one of the many offerings within our Power Enterprise software suite. The Power Enterprise suite includes solutions that span the spectrum of supply chain execution and optimize flow of inventory, data and payment between all trading partners and onto the consumer, with a special focus on excellence in perishable inventory management.

  • Directed put-away
  • Cross-docking
  • Kitting and product processing
  • Inventory control: cycle counts, rotation, transfers
  • Directed replenishment
  • Inbound operations: receiving and returns processing
  • Outbound operations: order selection, cubing, shipping
  • Product traceability
  • Integrated with NCR supply chain software suite
  • Improve order accuracy through voice and RF-enabled warehouse task assignments
  • Increase inventory turns and enforce proper product rotation
  • Comply with industry standards for product traceability and recall management
  • Maximize warehouse labor and forklift utilization

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NCR POWER WAREHOUSE - Retail and Distribution Industries 



When thousands upon thousands of goods are involved, accurate and efficient picking and shipping aren’t simple tasks.



In fact, deciding how to prioritize, pick and ship massive amounts of goods in a way that maximizes supply chain efficiencies – and minimizes costly mistakes – is almost impossible for distributors to do precisely, item after item, day after day after day.


Until now. With NCR Power Warehouse, you’ll have seamless inventory movement and management support automatically and worry-free. No matter how many goods you need to deliver to how many locations, Power Warehouse helps distributors pick, pack and ship more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. The results? Power Warehouse delivers a stronger bottom line.


  • Improves picking, shipping and loading efficiencies
  • Creates effective processes for receiving and put-away
  • Simplifies order selection and replenishment
  • Streamlines truck loading
  • Lowers clerical costs with audits of receiving, orders and inventory
  • Reduces excess inventory and shrinkage
  • Improves customer service by ensuring timely deliveries



Pick Up The Pace. And The Profits. 


Fast-moving consumer goods present their own set of challenges. The pace at which they sell demands proper prioritization, even back at the warehouse. Too often, however, the need for speed leads to less-efficient movement and management of goods.


NCR Power Warehouse dramatically improves efficiency and lowers costs by streamlining and automating operations. This proven solution revolutionizes warehouse workflow with support of everything from receipt scheduling and returns processing to forklift operations and inventory control.


Unlike many warehouse solutions, Power Warehouse offers a single view of inventory – both physically and financially. Inventory is updated in real time, while optimized picking, shipping and loading helps get the most out of warehouse personnel. Best of all, Power Warehouse provides visibility to automatically solve common problems, from prioritizing customer orders to product rotation and more. Why wait any longer? Empower your operations with Power Warehouse.



Product Highlights 


  • Receiving with bar-coded pallet IDs
  • Lot tracking from receiving through shipping
  • Dynamic put-away location assignment
  • Put-away to floating slots (PIR) for fast-moving items
  • Prioritized replenishment to maximize productivity and ensure high customer satisfaction
  • Full-featured order fulfillment capabilities
  • Control of code-dated products
  • Complete inventory tracking by pallet, license plate, lot number, RFID, COOL, purchase order or receipt
  • Detailed space utilization assistance for warehouse and vehicles
  • Integration with power voice for accurate order selection