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NCR Voyix Self-Checkout

Where experience meets efficiency

Evolve quickly with NCR VOYIX Self Checkout. Uncover new ways to rethink your checkout experience.

See how NCR VOYIX can help you optimize checkout design
for better customer flow and improved store efficiency

Personalized capabilities for every unique retail environment

Faster frictionless checkout ​

With NCR VOYIX self-checkout software:​

  • Speed up your innovation
  • Lower the total cost of ownership
  • Manage everything in one centralized place
  • Hardware Agnostic flexibility
Incisiv report point: “75% of retailers who have implemented SCO found it enhanced their store layout and space utilization, and 51% observed improvements in operational efficiency.”
Faster checkout experience with computer vision produce recognition

Make produce selection easy for shoppers with vision-based item identification from NCR VOYIX. This capabilities uses computer vision and AI technologies to identify produce with ease,

90% of consumers desire self-checkout machines that can automatically identify items
Computer vision and AI delivering the best security​

Imaging computer-vision and AI monitor transactions as they happen and only alert associates when there is a  “problem” transaction. It not only reduces shrink, but also cuts down unnecessary interruptions, such as a shopper placing a handbag in the bagging area. Results—a quicker, better checkout experience for customers and more productive associates.​

“While 34% of retailers are already utilizing data analytics to spot shrink patterns, supplementing these investments with comprehensive sta training can ensure a more secure, ecient self-checkout experience.” – Incisiv report
Empower associates for exceptional customer service​

Help your associates to have better visibility to alerts from all the self-checkout lanes they support. It can be on a fixed or mobile device where associates can remotely review transactions and resolve issues.​

33% of self-checkout purchases required intervention from an employee
Customize your checkout for your store​

Retailers can now involve their marketing teams to introduce branding to their front end. Local sporting events, seasonal themes, and more can now be promoted at the self checkout.

“1 in 2 retailers are using self- checkouts not just to speed up checkout, but as an engagement terminal to connect with customers on a new level. This signals a clear shift from mere eciency to a richer, integrated experience.”
Better visibility for smarter decisions​

Have better visibility into how your store is performing whether it's associate productivity, availability of open checkouts, interventions, system health, tendering and cash management. With better insights you can make smarter decisions.​

73% of retailers say insights are essential for performance, but only 16% consider themselves experts
Innovate at speed with computer vision​
NCR VOYIX Self Checkout is a platform that allows modularity of item recognition. whether it be barcode, computer vision, or RFID, NCR VOYIX SCO has the HW and SW capabilities to utilize any and all signals. 
Meet your shoppers with various hardware configurations​

The configurable hardware provides retailers with the most innovative and personalized experiences. This extensible and configurable piece of hardware will compliment each individual retailer’s storefront while increasing shopper throughput and shopper satisfaction.

NCR VOYIX Self-Checkout Hardware

Elevating the customer experience

Choose from flexible hardware options that fit your stores' needs and deliver the frictionless experiences customers are expecting.​

Versatile footprint to match your store design

Compliment your store with self-checkouts that are configurable from card-only to cash, tabletop, or full function.

Inclusive to all shopper journeys

Design your store to provide choice and be inclusive, with the flexibility to support cash transactions while keeping your investment low.​

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