Make the transition from transaction to interaction

Our team of retail experts can help your operations meet your customers' expectations, giving your bottom line a boost and your rating a lift.

You’re focused on building your brand, serving your customers and preparing for the future – which can feel like a daunting task.

But you don’t have to go it alone.

NCR VOYIX is the team member you can count on to help you identify new ways to optimize your business, make the most of your investments today to create a path for tomorrow and deliver differentiated experiences for your customers.

  • Make your investments work harder by maximizing the efficiency and performance of existing assets
  • Redirect the time you spend on troubleshooting and maintenance to higher-impact, revenue-driving initiatives
  • Proactively identify and address potential issues before they become bigger problems

How does it work? 

See the innovative solution that saved one retailer more than 7,000 in-store associate hours by remotely monitoring and managing all connected devices.

Let NCR VOYIX become an extension of your team to streamline the oversight of complex IT infrastructures:

  • Retail asset management for control and insight over your entire IT stack
  • Helpdesk support, leveraging call centers around the globe
  • Remote monitoring to optimize performance and to prevent outages
  • Incident management for quick resolution to IT issues
  • Software distribution services – a secure methodology for packaging, deploying, and tracking of software changes and updates
  • Endpoint security services – enforces use policies to protect critical information and mitigate risks within your endpoint environment
  • Predictive services for hardware

Including Digital Advisory Services, Industry Packaged Services and Implementation Services

We can designing, deliver, optimize and accelerate your digital transformation:

  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Systems Integration Services
  • POS and Self-Service software optimization and support
  • Loyalty Software Integration and Support
  • Data modeling and advanced analytics services for fraud prevention
  • Support in program management, solution architecture, integration testing, implementation and training

Continuous monitoring and management of your IoT devices to support business continuity and uptimes:

  • Oversight of any device with a chip – from point-of-sale, to security alarms, to mobile devices, to temperature control, and more
  • TCO reduction
  • Capex optimization
  • Increased store availability
  • Increased store labor productivity
  • Single point of contact for issue detection and resolution
  • Appropriate level of support based on individual scenarios (machine-to-machine, human-assisted, or dispatched technician)