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Product Summary


Digital Connected Services - Proactive services in the age of the connected enterprise







It’s 5:20 on a busy Friday afternoon. You need to grab a few things at the grocery store, pick up the kids, and rush home to make dinner before heading out for a movie. Oh yeah, and there is the money you need to give to your niece for her birthday.


Unfortunately, everybody at the store has the same idea as you, and the checkout lines are long. Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly and securely check yourself out using a scannable code on your phone? Better yet, wouldn’t it be great if you could pre-order the food and have it waiting at the store? Then, while you are walking out the door, send a money transfer to your niece from your mobile phone, and check your balance to make sure you have enough cash for your weekend plans. 


This is not the future. This is today. This is how deeply the Internet of Things (IOT) is embedded in every fabric of our lives and how reliant we have become on it to be available whenever we need it and secure when we use it. And when one of those devices or transactions fails to operate properly, it can affect everything else in our busy lives.


Across the world of business services, the same rules apply.





Internet of Things (IOT)... Big Data... Robotic Process Automation (RPA)... Artificial Intelligence (AI). These buzzwords represent the concepts and strategies businesses will need to adopt to successfully and radically transform. As technology enables machines to get smarter and map more human processes and workflows, indispensable manual processes will become automated.


The sooner this happens, the better.


Consider an automated scenario practiced by leading services organizations, such as NCR. An indication of a potential problem comes from a digitally connected machine to the service organization. That information is digested by the system. Chatbots answer simple requests. A workflow gets triggered. A script gets run. A patch is remotely distributed. Ultimately, the problem is preempted and machine failure doesn’t occur. The whole process ran autonomously and in real-time with no human involvement from the employee, the consumer, or the service provider.


This services delivery is enabled by monitoring service conditions, collecting relevant data connected to specific performance outcomes, and analyzing potential impacting events which are embedded into a secure framework.


It’s no surprise that good things happen when service organizations minimize human dependencies on both sides of the interaction. Think better staff utilization, improved availability, enhanced security, and reduced costs across all digitally-connected transaction channels, both for consumers and businesses.


As IOT converges with the service industry, one thing is certain: adding an estimated 26 billion connected devices by 2020 will not only impact the field service industry—it will knock it off its feet.



“Our bottom-up analysis for the applications we size estimates that the IoT has a total potential economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion a year by 2025. At the top end, that level of value— including the consumer surplus—would be equivalent to about 11 percent of the world economy.” 






This is where the future is headed—a holistic digital-connected device environment. It is table stakes for satisfying consumers who increasingly have expectations about seamless commerce. Today’s omnichannel consumers are very comfortable with the role self-service devices (e.g. self-checkout register, mobile apps, check-in kiosks) play in their lives. Whether they walk into their local bank branch or retailer, check in at a hotel, or shop online, consumers expect an always on, always secure experience. They also expect infrastructure niceties such as functional Wi-Fi networks, comfortable temperatures, optimized lighting, and more—all of which are increasingly also connected to the digital environment.



84% of millennial customers have used a self-service portal for customer service. (Microsoft)


64% of consumers have switched providers in at least one industry due to poor customer service. (Accenture)


52% of companies are still using manual methods to handle field service. (Salesforce)




The complexity inherent in an IOT device-centric environment often can produce more complex problems. There is a correlation between the proliferation of IoT devices and an increase in service incidents related to these devices, putting even more of a premium on availability than ever before.


There is an additional benefit to these data-rich, available, devices. Every day, each device generates significant amounts of data, from standard functioning and workload data, to component sensor data, to fault and error data, to consumer behavior data. Every device is unique, and the data they produce is also unique.


The collection and analysis of data from devices and transactions allow for a more holistic view of the customer experience. Every transaction tells a story about how devices and the network are performing, and what the customer has actually experienced, such as wait time or successful resolution through video chat. Bringing all of these devices together provides rich data and insights, which are the “currency” for the future of managed services.


“Your business isn’t a set of products and services that you provide digitally to consumers. Instead, Forrester recommends that you view your bank or credit union as a part of a consumer’s personal value ecosystem that consumers can piece together based on their needs, wants, and desires.”




By leveraging the data each device generates, service companies can develop a better understanding of standard and non-standard performance behavior. This enables them to prepare for and execute service activity more efficiently, and in many instances, predict failure and proactively service devices while minimizing avoidable disruptions to the user experience.


When service organizations know exactly what devices are contained within the four walls of a branch, store, or restaurant, they can deliver data-driven processes and look at transactions “holistically” rather than just examining discrete devices to see whether or not they are functioning properly. Back-end processes like data analytics, remote monitoring, machine learning, and data visualization can work together to identify patterns and to trigger workflows in response to those patterns.






The benefits of these analytical results are real and measurable. Reliability. Predictability. Security. Availability. Optimal Total Cost of Ownership. Modernization of equipment and assets, CRM, ERP, and more cut across the organization and provide value for the entire C-suite. 


“Data” has been quoted as the “new currency”. This couldn’t be further from the truth; however, how data is interpreted to bring business outcomes focused on improved store reliability, security, availability and many more performance metrics in order to yield a better organizational infrastructure to support the new digitally enabled and “always-on” shopper.



“As the IOT grows and matures, service will no longer be about just fixing machines or devices. Service will encompass systems such as business applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), as well as data warehouses and, yes, even people.” 


(IOT Journal)




In order to support a holistic service platform, NCR has designed a modular approach to process system optimization. This platform provides the insight into your business with four main areas of focus: 



MONITOR - 24x7 coverage for monitoring device status is a baseline for any high level service offer. Remote monitoring of a digital connected device environment allows NCR to detect faults, responsive service activity, and monitor business processes, security incidents and other events. 



MAINTAIN - To “maintain” service providers need to perform more prognosis and diagnosis remotely and be proactive in addressing network issues before they happen. In the instance where a service technician is required, s/he is equipped with the right training, proper parts, and correct instructions to rectify the situation promptly and efficiently the first time s/he is dispatched. “Maintain” also addresses critical services outcomes like predictive maintenance for hardware (including multi-vendor), sensors, mobile devices, network components, and end-user computing (EUC). By knowing potential failures before they actually occur, NCR can schedule replacement of the failing component to coincide with off-peak periods, providing less disruption and failed customer interactions.



MANAGE - Higher-level actionable insight and knowledge is the hallmark of “Manage”. This is achievable through a suite of carefully designed and executed ITIL-based (with emphasis on IT Service Management) set-up, problem and account management activities. At any given moment, a digital-connected device environment is enabling hundreds or thousands of interactions. Being able to capture and analyze these interactions provides powerful data that can be used to improve profitability and better serve customers. Managed Service providers combine varying data types to obtain higher level insights. When analyzed together, data can help reveal new patterns of usage that were not available before. For example, analyzing “stations” with multiple failures, data changes, and mobile disruptions, can have an impact to the customer experience.



SECURE - With news of financial breaches affecting almost every industry, it’s no surprise how important it is to secure the physical and digital security of the framework environment using industry leading security infrastructure, tools, and best practices. NCR brings a deeper level of security and defense by focusing threat mitigation with hardware security measures, as well as logical security practices like whitelisting, OS and application updates, image management and disk encryption. Paired with monitoring, maintaining, and managing the environment, managed security services reduce risk across multiple threat vectors and drive asset and data protection. They help with regulatory compliance and system availability. With the proliferation of IoT devices, there is simply no easy way to keep up with security without a comprehensive solution in place. Research conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Absolute Software reveal a few startling truths:


  • Enterprises are overwhelmed by endpoint alerts
  • Insecure or off-line endpoints are difficult to detect
  • A majority of companies cannot determine compliance for endpoint devices
  • Volume and severity of malware-infected endpoints have increased over the past year
  • Out-of-date or unpatched software is the most common endpoint security gap





For a world that never stops, Digital Connected Services are NCR’s latest Retail offer that allows you to:


  • Build a better customer relationship
  • Improve staff productivity and store efficiencies
  • Enable marketing activities to drive store profitability, leading to a strengthened store brand. 



Organizations that move beyond buzzwords and focus on the execution of a Digital Connected Services framework will redefine what service means and how it’s delivered, paving the way for the next level of omni-channel commerce. Moving towards an omni-channel commerce model requires a paradigm shift to service delivery leveraging technology drivers such as IOT, Big Data, AI and RPA. 



Fifty-five percent of endpoints are vulnerable to a data breach involving sensitive or confidential data.


(Ponemon and Absolute)

Product Summary








  • Connecting smart devices (IoT) to drive business outcomes
  • Maximize transaction channel availability
  • Improve store associate productivity
  • Enable store operational efficiencies
  • One contact for your omni-channel support



With the number of IP enabled devices expected to reach 20 billion in 2020*, industry trends that require special skills, and the growing opportunity to take advantage of data analytics to drive business outcomes, there is no better time to become a leader in the SMART Store revolution.


Omni-channel, IoT, Big Data and Analytics are megatrends transforming the retail landscape. The IoT revolution provides brick and mortar stores a rebirth as the ability to measure the consumer interaction with the store improves significantly and will potentially reach the same detailed sharpness in which the online channel has developed and mastered successfully.


As a global market leader in POS and Self-Checkout technology, along with proven Retail Managed Service and Outsourcing capabilities, NCR is well positioned to support your store transformation journey.


NCR Digital Connected Services, is built upon a framework of Monitor-Maintain-Manage-Secure to drive high transaction and store associate availability by optimizing critical components of service delivery to be outcome focused across front and back store, applications and devices. With high availability as top of mind, our managed and support multi-vendor services come together in an integrated platform solution designed to provide customers with not only a seamless omni-channel experience but with maximum availability expected in this digital age. Customers also benefit from peace of mind of a secure transaction process and store staff will also appreciate less time spent managing operational issues giving back time for the customer.

Platform technology permits future growth and the agility required to embrace tomorrow’s technology as they arise. NCR Digital Connected Premise service enables a holistic new service approach to support this new technology stack. Our service approach is designed to leverage the rich data available within the platform to enable predictive and automated service actions, thereby reducing operational complexities often the responsibility of the store staff.


Being in front of technology is achieved through the flexibility provided by NCR Digital Connected Premise.


  • Accelerate digital transformation (multi-vendor)
  • Powerful Insights-as-a-Service through data analytics
  • Define and design profit-yielding use cases
  • Store staff optimization
  • Introducing process automation
  • Future proof platform connected technology


*Gartner 2017 “Leading the IoT” report














Digital Connected Premise is a Fit-For-Purpose offer specific to three key areas: Consumer experience and AVAILABILITY, enhancing SECURITY, and INSIGHTS. Designed from industry experience and coupled with a customer’ desired outcome, our modular Digital Connected Premise offering will provide you with operational and economical freedom, all essential elements of a connected economy.


Monitor - Oversee your retail store network to detect (and predict) faults. 7x24 coverage for device and application monitoring. Single point of contact to initialize and escalate operational service requests.

Manage - Manage your retail store network with a suite of carefully designed and executed ITIL-based environment, set-up, problem and account management activities.

Maintain - Ensure the basic health of your front and back retail store network with reactive service and backup management. NCR does this by using the best-in-class tools and certified people leveraging industry benchmarked processes.

Secure - Know that your retail store network and your customers are protected with industry leading security infrastructure, tools, and best practices.