Testing and reporting so you can focus on what matters, running your retail business

NCR’s Retail Testing Platform will reduce your IT QA costs, shorten software delivery cycles, and implement rapid innovation to your stores.

Are you looking for a reliable test automation partner?

NCR Testing Services is your best choice. We offer the most comprehensive testing services in the industry, including test automation planning, tools selection, and test environment setup. Our team will work with you to develop and maintain high-quality automated tests that help ensure product quality and reduce risk of failure. And our reporting capabilities provide visibility into your software’s performance so you can make informed decisions about future releases.

You want to deliver high-quality products on time without sacrificing quality or the need for manual intervention - let NCR help, with testing automation. NCR Testing Services. We test so you don’t have to.  With NCR Testing Services by your side, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most – building great products that delight customers. Let us handle all of your testing needs so you don’t have to worry about anything else but delivering outstanding results every time!

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Rocket to efficiency with automation services

  • Reduce regression testing duration by 35 to 45% compared to manual regression testing – support your business goals and get faster innovation delivery to stores.!
  • Harness AI-enabled automated test generation with real world t-logs​
  • Rely on intelligent automated retail test modeling​
  • Reduce testing I/T spend by 30 to 40% through increased operational efficiency 
  • Reduce or eliminate manual testing resource needs​
  • Use NCR’s unique accelerators to enable cost effective and ROI proven Automation Testing
  • Package professional services with retail and test automation expertise
  • Help manage complexity of solutions by providing higher quality software that allows retailers to access higher levels of operational performance   
  • Support physical card transactions with integrated robotics


Automated testing solution with unique features for retail testing such as integrated robotics to support card transactions
Top 10 provider of retail software and SaaS worldwide
100+ years of retail experience and have distributed solutions in over 125 countries

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With NCR Retail Testing Platform, we make it easy for retailers everywhere to improve their bottom line while providing a seamless shopping experience for every customer who walks through their doors. Now isn't that worth investing some time into?