Radiant Point of Sale with Fuel & Credit

NCR offers solutions that are designed specifically for C-Store operations, with more than 61,000 installations across than 18 countries. From single site operators to large retailers with thousands of sites, NCR provides the everyday solutions to add value to your business. 


At NCR, our continuous innovation, global presence, vast service network and customer-first mind set allow us to provide solutions that help our customers achieve superior operations and an exceptional consumer experience – all in an open, innovative, mobile and secure way. 


Our proven track record will help ensure that you are able to address the needs of your stores and consumers well into the future. We are relentlessly focused on abuilding more efficient, profitable and connected businesses.



NCR has designed tools to maximize simplicity and speed in every aspect of retailer operations.

Panther Fuel Controller


The NCR Panther Fuel Controller is designed to offer direct connectivity to all major brands of dispensers and outdoor payment terminals.


Configuration Tools

Major Oils Certification


NCR partners with providers that specialize in processing payments for branded C-Store operators around the world.