NCR SmartAssist

NCR SmartAssist is an intelligent video item tracking system that uses complex algorithms to monitor transactions as they happen in real time. Remote security experts monitor self-checkout lanes and attendants when there is an issue. The new technology works in tandem with your NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout solution to improve the checkout experience for both you and your customers.





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Product Summary








NCR SmartAssist is an intelligent video item tracking system that uses complex algorithms to monitor transactions as they happen in real time. Remote security experts monitor self-checkout lanes and alert attendants when there is an issue. The technology works in tandem with your NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout solution to improve the checkout experience for both your customers and attendants.



Reduce interventions 


NCR SmartAssist helps your attendants by suppressing false interventions often caused by children or a personal item being placed on the scale. This intelligent item tracking system lets attendants focus on assisting customers with valid interventions rather than managing false alerts. With NCR SmartAssist, customers are able to quickly proceed through the checkout process resulting in an overall improvement to their shopping experience.



Minimize shrink 


NCR SmartAssist uses object tracking and real-time video analysis of non-scanned items to help verify that your shoppers are correctly scanning all items in their shopping basket. Attendants will be notified of suspected theft or product substitution as it happens, allowing situations to be addressed immediately.



Enhance security protection 


During peak hours, a retailer may decide to lower the security setting on the self-checkout lanes to speed up transaction time. With NCR SmartAssist, retailers now have a second level security system for monitoring transactions while allowing an overall faster checkout experience for customers.



Improve weight-based security 


By tuning the existing weight security system, NCR SmartAssist allows the solution to optimize the value of weight-based security monitoring. This action virtually eliminates unnecessary consumer and attendant alerts enabling a silent and, smooth transaction to occur.





  • Real-time monitoring for self-checkout loss detection
  • Validated video analytics of non-scanned items blended with weight-based item security
  • Operational error alarm triggers
  • Basket-based loss security
  • Prevention of false alerts



Product Summary








Finding new ways to transform the in-store customer experience while controlling operational costs is critical. You’ve already begun the transformation journey by providing self-service options that today’s shoppers crave. Now there’s a way to further enhance the shopping experience—all while helping to improve front-end efficiencies, increase productivity, and reduce shrink.



Simplify the Checkout Experience: Picklist Assist  


Customers often choose to skip the self-checkout when they have perishable items in their baskets because PLU codes can be time consuming to look up and key in. NCR’s Picklist Assist helps alleviate the hassle of manually searching through an entire PLU list to find the correct code. It relies on computer vision technologies with cameras built into the scanner to identify items as they are placed on the scale and presents the shopper with a short list of most likely items based on color, weight, and other characteristics. The shopper can quickly select the correct PLU code, which helps improve accuracy and efficiency to enhance the checkout experience. Machine learning continually improves suggestions over time. 



Help Minimize Front-End Fraud: Produce Assurance 


Using the same computer vision technology as PickList Assist, NCR Produce Assurance helps reduce shrink and possible fraud by identifying suspicious self-checkout transactions in real time. Produce Assurance uses sophisticated item recognition algorithms that compare the item selected by the shopper with the item placed on the scale. If a discrepancy is found, an image of the item will be captured and an alert sent to an attendant who can intervene before the sale is finalized. 



Reduce Interventions: SmartAssist 


Using machine analysis combined with remote human authentication, NCR SmartAssist delivers next-generation video surveillance to alert self-checkout attendants in realtime of true security violations while reducing the number of false interventions. The end result is an enhanced consumer experience that helps increase front-end throughput, plus improve productivity as your attendants can focus on valid interventions, such as age-restricted item approvals.





  • Help improve customer convenience and ease of use
  • Shorten transaction time by simplifying checkout process
  • Reduce unnecessary interventions
  • Help increase attendant productivity
  • Help minimize front-end shrink




"Retailers are under enormous pressure to meet changing customer expectations. Customers today are looking for choice in the way they shop, and expect fast, convenient checkout experiences. Self-checkout not only helps to reduce their wait times, but frees up staff to spend more time providing service and real value that keep shoppers coming back."


– Dusty Lutz, vice president and general manager of Store Transformation Solutions at NCR