NCR Self-Checkout

Today’s retail customers are more demanding and time-starved than ever. They tell us that they want shopping to be fast, easy, and convenient and that they like to be in control and appreciate privacy. They are expecting an exceptional shopping experience no matter where, when, or how they interact with your retail brand – via web, mobile, or in-store.


The in-store experience is where our self-service solutions can shine to make your everyday easier. Come check out our portfolio of self-checkout and self-service kiosk solutions and find one that is just right for you.



  • Broad range of supported POS systems
  • Intuitive user interface with features such as 10-key multi-touch capability and “follow-me” indicator lighting
  • Comprehensive configuration options
  • RealScanTM 79 Bi-optic imager
  • Extensive security, including weight verification, internal security door, and more
  • Wide array of tender options
  • Remote attendant station with traditional register capabilities
  • Full range of services including 24x7x365 support, Project Management, Deployment, Business Consulting, and Installation
  • Speed and convenience for shoppers while simultaneously reducing the cash in unit that the store must manage
  • Enhanced store security and produce assurance with advanced scanning technologies
  • Small footprint providing increased flexibility in the store’s front-end
  • Front-end flexibility during peak operating hours or seasonal periods
  • Easy integration with many NCR FastLane software releases

From small stores to global chains, NCR Self-Checkout solutions provide better service by enabling flexible and naturally convenient shopping experiences.

Product Summary





The NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout Release 6 offers advanced global cash and coin recycling capabilities. As a standard feature on every unit, bunch note recycling allows a stack of notes to be fed into the unit instead of inserting them one at a time, making it fast and convenient for your shoppers while at the same time greatly reducing the cash in the unit that the store has to manage. The global coin recycler supports up to eight different coin denominations and provides improved debris management, reducing the potential for jams to occur. An all imaging bi-optic scanner, the RealScan™ 79, is offered and can read 2D and mobile barcodes, in addition to standard 1D. This advanced scanner can be used to help enhance store security and enables produce assurance with its NCR ScanWatch software.




NCR FastLane SelfServ Release 6 is compatible with many different NCR FastLane software releases. Everything you have come to expect from the NCR FastLane application is available for your shoppers at checkout. In NCR’s latest release of FastLane software, your shoppers will find familiarity in the gesture-enabled interaction which is similar to their experience on their mobile device. The user-interface is easy to use for shoppers who are familiar with the solution, as well as for first time users. A persistent receipt, controlled by gesture swipe for scrolling, is continuously displayed throughout the transaction giving your shoppers even more control of their transaction. Action bar messaging is displayed in a common traffic light metaphor so your shoppers will always be aware of the status of their transaction.




The NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout Release 6 is sure to catch the eye of your shoppers. With its contemporary design and reduced profile, the NCR FastLane SelfServ Release 6 expands the visibility between your attendants and shoppers. The sleek zero-bezel display features a responsive touchscreen which supports multi-touch making it familiar and easy to use. The small footprint gives you increased flexibility for your store’s front-end. And the all new intervention light features LED lighting, reducing your power consumption.




The NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout Release 6 is sure to catch the eye of your shoppers. With its contemporary design and reduced profile, the NCR FastLane SelfServ Release 6 expands the visibility between your attendants and shoppers. The sleek zero-bezel display features a responsive touchscreen which supports multi-touch making it familiar and easy to use. The small footprint gives you increased flexibility for your store’s front-end. And the all new intervention light features LED lighting, reducing your power consumption.




POS integration


  • Support for Windows®, and Linux® POS integration under Microsoft® Windows POSReady 2009, Windows POSReady 7, and Windows 7 environments
  • Broad range of supported POS systems
  • Toolkit for easy integration to other POS applications


Intuitive user interface


  • High bright 15” projected capacitive touchscreen with zero-bezel design
  • 10-point multi-touch capability
  • Integrated audio
  • Co-located cash inputs/outputs
  • “Follow-me” indicator lighting


Comprehensive solution


  • Core module that can be designed with a left or right orientation
  • Compact, low profile design
  • Multiple unload and bagging modules accommodate any retail environment
  • Input belt or shelf
  • 1, 2, or 3 bagging platforms
  • Color branding available
  • Integrated scale for produce
  • LED tri-light lane light indicates availability


RealScanTM 79 Bi-optic imager


  • All-imaging 1D/2D/mobile scanning
  • High performance with the largest all-imaging scan zone
  • Six-sided scanning with aggressive top-down scanning to minimize product orientation
  • PureWhite illumination for an inviting interaction
  • RealScan 78 Bi-optic scanner also available


Extensive security


  • Security scale for weight verification
  • Internal security door with optional electronic keypad lock
  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) integration available for Sensormatic and Checkpoint devices


Tender options


  • Cash and coin handling - Coin recycling with bulk acceptance - Note recycling with bunch note handling
  • Compatible with most industry-standard payment devices including contactless
  • Credit and debit only configuration available


Environmentally conscious


  • Optional two-sided thermal (2ST) receipt printer
  • Accommodates reusable bags
  • LED lighting


Remote attendant station


  • Desktop and/or mobile handheld device shows interventions and transaction details for up to 10 lanes
  • Ability to enter and modify items like a traditional register




  • Technical support 365 days a year, 24/7
  • Help Desk with remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Project Management, Deployment, Business Consulting, and Installation Services available
  • NCR Command Center




  • Global bunch note recycling and eight-coin recycling capability
  • Stylish design and compact footprint
  • High bright display with projected capacitive touch technology
  • Integrated convertible option for front end flexibility
  • Optional bi-optic imaging capability for scanning 1D, 2D, and mobile bar codes
  • Leverages all-in-one RealPOSTM XR7 with solid state drive





NCR’s FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout family offers solutions to fit any retail environment. Your shoppers will enjoy the convenience, speed, and simplicity while you find new ways to optimize your store operations and deliver enhanced customer service.




NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout Release 5 and 6



NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout offers a more flexible and efficient way to scan, bag, and pay for items. Offering no bag, one, two, or three‑bag configurations, NCR helps you meet your operational needs while conserving valuable front end space. Both Release 5 and 6 also feature optional input belts which gives shoppers more space to unload items at checkout.


Release 6 offers cash management advancements such as bunch note recycling, with support for up to eight coin denominations and increased note and coin capacity. It also features updated styling with a new color scheme and a smaller footprint.




NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout Release 5 and 6

NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout Convertible Solutions


What if you could switch from self-service mode to a cashier-assisted lane during peak periods to help increase throughput? With the Release 6 convertible option, a cashier can easily convert the lane simply by turning a handle and rotating the scanner and point-of-sale module to be cashier facing. There’s no confusion for shoppers as they always remain on the same side of checkout, no matter if it’s in self-service or cashier-assisted mode.

See the FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout Convertible


  • All convertible solutions convert to a fully assisted cashier lane in less than a minute
  • Full size convertible lanes can include input belts for larger basket sizes
  • NCR FastLane SelfServ Release 6 with the convertible feature rotates the entire display and scanner platform 180 degrees.
  • FastLane software quickly switches into cashier mode






Better service with self-service


By implementing self-checkout in your stores, you are not only providing your shoppers with more options, but also improving your store operations at the same time. Cashiers who had been dedicated to one assisted service lane are now able to monitor and support several self‑checkout lanes and provide better customer service. Time spent in queues is dramatically reduced with more lanes open and available during store hours. Your shoppers benefit from a fast, easy, and convenient checkout experience.


Give your shoppers what they have come to expect with the NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout Family.

NCR SelfServ™ 90


A sleek, compact, self-checkout designed for the shopper who has five items or less to purchase. This self-checkout is a true ‘grab and go’ concept and supports credit and debit transactions. The SelfServ 90 can be mounted on a pedestal, wall, or on a countertop offering retailers flexibility and saving valuable floor space. An optional security scale is available for environments requiring weight-based security.

NCR FastLane Software


Using a multi-pathing strategy, NCR FastLane software provides shoppers with several different options to navigate through a transaction. The user-interface also provides instructional animations for shoppers new to self-checkout to see and hear how to use the technology. In the latest software release, shoppers can now navigate through the transaction using gestures similar to their smartphone.


The NCR Remote Attendant Program (RAP) gives attendants a way to monitor transactions with ease. NCR offers both fixed and mobile RAP solutions , giving attendants increased flexibility when assisting shoppers during their checkout.



And the Americans with Disabilities Act



Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) generally prohibits discrimination against Americans on the basis of their disabilities. In September 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) published updated regulations under the Act1, which became effective March 15, 2012. The standards provide specific detailed rules for accessibility in a broad range of areas, from amusement rides to accessible hotel rooms to drinking fountains. Included are standards regarding clear floor space and reach ranges applicable to ATMs, fare machines, vending machines, mailboxes, depositories and change machines. The 2010 ADA Standards have additional specifications for ATMs and fare machines,including requirements for private audio lead-through and tactile input. The 2010 ADA Standards do not specifically address kiosks, self-checkout units, or other information transaction machines (ITMs). Furthermore, the standards specific to ATMs expressly exclude ITMs. However, the DOJ has said that one should look to the 2010 Standards for comparable equipment in order to provide access to elements not specifically covered by the 2010 Standards. In addition to the information included in this position paper, you may want to refer to section 227.2 regarding Check-out Aisles and 228 regarding Vending Machines.



1The final regulations have a general effective date of March 15, 2011, and, among other things, adopt the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design (the “2010 Standards”). The 2010 Standards contain newly mandated, communications-related requirements for ATMs that will benefit users who are blind or have low vision. These requirements take effect on March 15, 2012.

NCR Fastlane SelfServTM Checkout Solution



The NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout solution was designed to be user friendly for all consumers, including those with different abilities. Accessibility is a key design component within the NCR selfcheckout solution. For example, a user can complete a cash transaction without ever touching the machine. There is no need to touch the screen to start; items can easily be scanned, and via cash insertion for payment, no screen touches or device interactions are required. Additionally, a Help button is always available in the lower area of the touchscreen, where a user can request staff assistance at any time.


You may consider the 2010 standards as “best practices” for accessibility. As such, the following sections outline the areas of the 2010 Standards and how they could be applied to NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout.

Height and Reach



NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout can be equipped with a trackball pointing device or integrated with additional devices (such as, the NCR uNav keypad, various pinpads, and Electronic Funds Transfer devices), such that all operable parts meet the physical measurement requirements in accordance with the 2010 Standards applicable to ATMs and vending machines(as these are interpreted by NCR). The maximum height for operable parts on the self-checkout would be the highest consumer interface element. For Release 5 hardware, NCR offers a trackball kit to provide access to the touchscreen touchbuttons that may be greater than 46 inches. While NCR’s advocated trackball solution is recommended, you may consider integrating other pointing devices, per consultation with your IT group.



For wheelchair users, self-checkout can offer parallel approach, providing access, security and private space if installed according to the 2010 Standards. NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout hardware is designed for the NCR FastLane software solution. If you use non-NCR software you will need to work with your software vendor to determine accessibility. NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout software releases 4.5 and later offer a software option for height and reach. This feature dynamically changes the screens so that all touchbuttons are below the 46” requirement, or it provides on-screen navigation for areas that may be above this threshold. In addition, the patented NCR uNav keypad device, an innovative option available for Release 6 hardware, provides accessibility features such as an integrated headphone jack, volume control, and tactile keys.



For your convenience, the applicable height and reach provision from the 2010

Standard is:


2010 Standards Requirement: Where a clear floor or ground space allows a parallel approach to an element and the high side reach is over an obstruction, the height of the obstruction shall be 34 inches (865 mm) maximum and the depth of the obstruction shall be 24 inches (610 mm) maximum. The high side reach shall be 48 inches (1220 mm) maximum for a reach depth of 10inches (255 mm) maximum. Where the reach depth exceeds 10 inches (255 mm), the high side reach shall be 46 inches (1170 mm) maximum for a reach depth of 24 inches (610 mm) maximum.



Operable parts shall be placed within one or more of the reach ranges:


To conform to the 2010 standards, install the self-checkout so that2: The parallel approach over an obstruction ensures that the height of the highest consumer interface element is no higher than 46.0 inches (1170 mm) above the finish floor (“AFF”) or ground.




2 An ATM installed prior to March 15, 2012, in compliance with the 54” AFF maximum reach range (for the highest operable part) for a side approach of the 1991 Standards will not have to be lowered to meet the new 48” AFF maximum reach range for a side approach until it is altered. Consult with your legal advisors on what constitutes an alteration that may or may not trigger compliance with the 2010 Standards.

ATM Specific Requirements



The 2010 ADA Standards specific to ATMs expressly exclude ITMs; however, there are a number of areas in which NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout can meet those requirements.


Numeric Keys


2010 Standards: Numeric keys shall be arranged in a 12-key ascending or descending telephone keypad layout. The number five key shall be tactilely distinct from the other keys


Function Keys


2010 Standards: Function keys shall contrast visually from background surfaces. Characters and symbols on key surfaces shall contrast visually from key surfaces. Visual contrast shall be either light-on-dark or dark-on-light.


Function key surfaces shall have tactile symbols as follows: Enter or Proceed key: raised circle; Clear or Correct key: raised left arrow; Cancel key: raised letter x; Add Value key: raised plus sign; Decrease Value key: raised minus sign.


A variety of keyboards and pin pads are available for integration with NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout. NCR can work with you to select a third-party product that meets the 2010 Standards. 


Display Screen


2010 Standards: The display screen shall be visible from a point located 40 inches (1015 mm) above the center of the clear floor space in front of the machine. (EXCEPTION: Drive-up only automatic teller machines)


Characters displayed on the screen shall be in a sans serif font. Characters shall be 3/16 inch (4.8 mm) high minimum based on the uppercase letter “I”. Characters shall contrast with their background with either light characters on a dark background or dark characters on a light background.


The display on the NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout is visible from a point located 40 inches above the center of the clear floor space in front of the machine, depending on customer installation.


NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout has the capability to display all characters as sans serif and comply with the 3/16 inch height requirement.


Privacy, Speech, Output, Input Controls and Braille Instructions



Accessibility features related to private speech output, tactile input controls, and privacy are not a standard offer in the NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout solution.


However, Release 6 hardware offers the uNav keypad device to meet the hardware requirements for private speech output, volume control, and tactile controls. Currently NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout provides limited broadcast audio leadthrough, available via speakers, to help guide consumers through the checkout process. All audio is in addition to text available on the display and reinforces user actions. The same degree of privacy is available to all users of NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout. Tactile-discernible input controls, such as a third-party pinpad or keypad, may be integrated with NCR FastLane SelfServ checkout.