Your grocery store, made simple.

The cloud-first enterprise POS platform that gives you everything you need to run your supermarket, from POS to payments to back office, loyalty and beyond.

Why NCR Emerald?

 Innovate faster with our API-first POS platform for grocery retailers—no custom code required

✓ Lower your capex investment with a simple  subscription

✓ Deploy faster with a pre-integrated, pre-tested solution

✓ Grow confidently into the future with a proven long-term strategic partner

✓ #1 retail POS software provider worldwide

✓ Backed by 35,000 employees

✓ Cross-industry experience

✓ 135 years in business because experience counts


Solve your supermarket's greatest challenges


Get up and running in months, not years with simple integration

Make all your systems and touchpoints work together in one platform

Create a seamless customer experience across channels.

Innovate faster & add digital sales without breaking your system.

Bring your up-front capex costs down with a simple subscription.


Learn why Northgate Gonzalez Market moved to NCR Emerald

Get all the POS must-haves to make running your grocery store simple—from end-to-end.

NCR Emerald combines world-class enterprise POS and integrated payments with a full range of retail-specific software, hardware and services.

Central configuration manager

✓ Centrally configure, manage and control all of your edge points

✓ Apply POS configuration parameters and store-level options in real-time (with minimal effort from your staff to distribute and apply the changes)

✓ Easily add, change or remove business rules without requiring code changes

Integrated, secure payments processing

✓ With NCR Connected Payments, ensure a secure payment route with complete data and transmission security from PIN pad to processor

✓ Take all kinds of payments, including EMV, and easily comply with payment regulations while keeping you ready for future payment methods to come

Cloud-based infrastructure and open APIs

Easily integrate new revenue streams from sale endpoints like mobile, self-checkout, buy online pick up in-store, fuel, pharmacy, and more

✓ Bring new customer experiences to market faster (using NCR or third-party applications) like e-commerce, digital receipts, social shopping, and more

Central reports with cashier analyzer

✓ Quickly understand cashier performance and proactively prevent fraud

✓ Selectively review risk factors such as low sales, shrink, superfluous coupons and more

✓ Follow your enterprise data trends to make informed decisions with Central Electronic Journal


Get everything you need to run your grocery store out of the box.

All the tech to run your entire store in a simple subscription.


Included with your subscription:

Point of Sale

✓ Central Configuration Manager

✓ Store Manager

✓ Grocery Assisted POS

✓ Mobile POS

Payment Gateway

✓ Secure payment processing

✓ Complete data and transmission security from PIN pad to processor

✓ EMV compliant

Business Services

✓ Transaction Data

✓ Catalog

✓ Online Orders

✓ Digital Receipts

Cloud Applications

✓ Central Reports with Cashier Analyzer

✓ Central Electronic Journal

Promotions Management

✓ Store promotions

✓ Digital coupons

Unified Support

✓ One number to call

✓ Software updates

✓ Level 3 & Level 4

Extend your subscription with these available add-ons:


Self Checkout + Shrink Reduction

Fuel POS

Pharmacy POS

Automated Cash Management

Loyalty and Personalization

Advanced Merchandising

Payment Processing

Digital System Monitoring


Get everything you need to run your grocery store out of the box.

One Integrated Platform

Your operations, made simple

Run your entire enterprise with one integrated POS platform—no more struggling to get separate products to work together. And with central configuration and business rules management, you can dynamically respond to the market and your customers.


Customer experience, made simple

Attract and retain customers by giving them on seamless and intuitive experience everywhere in-store, online, on mobile and on social. With features like Central Returns, they can buy anywhere and return anywhere. And one platform that runs so many capabilities, your staff has it easier, too, with features like central reports that let managers see everything in one place. 


Innovation, made simple

Our API-first approach makes integration with your existing and new applications simple. You can unlock new capabilities using our business services platform. And we believe adding new software or pushing out updates shouldn’t break everything else. And with our platform, they don’t. 



Digital, ‍made simple

Ensure consistency of price, promotions and experiences across all digital channels, with a retail platform built for the future. 


Implementation, made simple

Deploy quickly using the IT you already have. And forget worrying about your technology or tech complexities—we’ll do it for you, so you can focus on your customers…and growing.


Support, made simple

With our helpdesk and wall-to-wall support with NCR Digital Connected Services, you’ll always know that your devices and systems are working. And if there are any issues? We’ll know and respond before they disrupt your business.

A complete solution, NCR Emerald combines our cloud-ready, enterprise POS and integrated payments with a full range of retail-specific hardware, software and services. From POS to payments to promotions and loyalty, merchandising, self-checkout, back office and beyond, it connects everything into a platform that keeps you ready for what’s now and what’s next.

We're a global team committed to helping you run the best grocery store in the world.


Get everything you need to run your grocery store out of the box.