NCR Emerald

Everything you need to run your grocery stores efficiently, elevate your customer experience and compete with online disruptors—right out of the box.

Offer the most innovative grocery experience out there.

You’re not just a grocery store anymore. You’re a quick-serve restaurant. Fuel station. Pharmacy. Lifestyle destination. To run all of this, and offer ever more modern, digital customer experiences, you need an intuitive enterprise system that connects everything. That runs your store more efficiently, lowers your costs and empowers your associates. That’s NCR Emerald.

With us by your side, you can do anything.

NCR Emerald combines world-class enterprise POS and integrated payments with software, services and hardware so you can deliver seamless customer experiences.

Run your entire enterprise with one POS platform


Assisted and mobile POS, integrated payments, promotions, fuel and pharmacy. Native integrations with NCR loyalty, self-checkout, merchandising and inventory management.


Reduce your total cost of ownership

Our cloud-enabled platform helps you keep costs down and easily scale computing resources up and down based on demand

Accelerate innovation

Using open APIs, you can easily integrate existing IT and add new business services from NCR, or third party applications.

Centrally configure and manage your system

Centralized, real-time configuration, enhanced business rules and automated updates make configuration easy vs. expensive software customizations

Deploy quickly using your current IT investments

Native out-of-the-box integration across core NCR products enables you to deploy quickly, while migrating existing NCR POS is fast and cost-effective.

Make your whole store run better

Having a single solution with a common user interface across all points of sale makes associate training easier and store operations more efficient

Deliver a seamless customer experience

Attract and retain customers by easily creating and connecting seamless shopping experiences whether in-store, online, mobile or social.

Run your entire store efficiently with NCR Emerald

Central Configuration Manager

Centrally configure, manage and control all of your edge points. You can apply POS configuration parameters and store level options in real-time to each store via automated updates, with no effort from your staff to distribute and apply the changes. Advanced business rules management makes it easy to add, change or remove business rules without requiring code changes.

Cloud-based infrastructure and open APIs

Easily add new revenue streams from sale endpoints (mobile, self-checkout, buy online pickup in store, fuel, pharmacy and more) while bringing new customer experiences to market faster. Using NCR or third-party applications, such as e-commerce, digital receipts, social shopping and more.

Integrated, secure payments processing

NCR Emerald uses NCR Connected Payments as a secure payment route, ensuring complete data and transmission security from PIN pad to processor. It allows you to take all kinds of payments, including EMV, and easily comply with payment regulations while keeping you ready for the future of new methods of payments.

Central Reports with Cashier Analyzer

Store operators and managers can quickly understand cashier performance and proactively prevent fraud with exception reporting tools to selectively review the risk factors such as low sales, shrink, superfluous coupons and other metrics. With Central Electronic Journal, follow your enterprise data trends to make informed decisions.

Your store, made simple.

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