NCR Power Inventory

Today’s shoppers demand instant gratification. No matter if they are shopping online or in the store, customers demand quality items, in-stock and at the advertised price—with no delays, discrepancies or hassles. This reality puts retailers under increasing pressure to find an inventory management solution that gives them the information to quickly respond to changing customer interests and sales trends, while reducing costs and optimizing inventory levels.


Standalone, isolated and batched solutions that operate in silos are no longer adequate to meet these demands. Retailers must adopt a comprehensive and integrated inventory management approach to stay on top of demand and ahead of their competition. And, they need instantaneous access to inventory data across their enterprise.


NCR Power Inventory answers this need. The solution centrally links demand analytics, sales data, replenishment and order planning into a single system. This gives retailers continuous, real-time visibility of both physical inventory levels and inventory valuation across all stores and across the enterprise, with a reduced total cost of ownership. 


The solution maintains a perpetual inventory balance of every item in the network, and tracks in real time anything that happens to that item—a sale, a transfer, a markdown due to damage- so that managers always know exactly what is on the shelf and available for sale.

Features and Benefits

  • An integral application of NCR Power Inventory, powered by the platform’s unified retail data and business logic.

  • Executes inventory management workflows from start to finish, while maintaining chain-wide operational and financial inventory visibility

  • Central management, increased IT visibility, close monitoring and control and strong security

  • Parallel inventory counts and financial valuation processes

  • Innovative UI supports clear and coherent workflows, assuring high accuracy and efficiency