Mobile POS


Today’s well-informed shoppers expect speed, flexibility and convenience from their retail experience. Empowered by their own mobile technology, they have come to expect mobile solutions in-store. This means your sales associates should constantly be around and ready to transact with customers throughout the store. With NCR’s powerful mobile POS solutions, your sales associates can access capabilities as a cash-wrap station—all on a lightweight, easy-to-use mobile device.


Learn more about how you can use our mobile POS solutions to deliver the multi-channel shopping experience that consumers demand:


  • Capture more sales by taking transactions to the customer wherever they are

  • Protect customer’s safety with PCI-compliant data security measures

  • Develop a plan that fits your specific needs for operational functions such as device sharing, flow of the transaction, item handling and receipts

  • Help your sales associates deliver a higher-level, personalized shopping experience