NCR Connected Payments


NCR Connected Payments is a completely secure payment solution delivering uncompromising data protection and future innovation readiness. It is the ideal answer to the rising risk of electronic transaction-related fraud and payment data security breaches.


Implemented as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, Connected Payments offers a secure payment route and ensures complete data and transmission protection, from PIN pad to payment processor. It allows retailers to easily comply with evolving payment regulations and standards, such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa), and offers them the freedom to work with any payment processor and peripheral vendor.


At the same time, NCR Connected Payments addresses retailers’ increasing need to implement innovative payment methods, such as mobile payments and eWallets, without having to apply complex and costly changes to their POS and payment infrastructure.


Connected Payments ultimately provides retailers with the innovation-ready architecture, reliability and centralized management they need to prepare for a future of new payment options that improve shopper experience.


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Product Summary







Evolving payment regulations and the increasing need to implement innovative payment methods with a high degree of security are transforming the payment industry. As electronic transactions become increasingly commonplace, so do fraud and data security breaches, exposing retail chains to liability risks. Retailers are therefore under increasing pressure to implement and maintain high regulation compliance. Additionally, their high priority objectives must include innovation-ready architecture with native configuration, and enhanced reliability and security.


NCR Connected Payments is the answer to these mounting challenges. A secure payment route, Connected Payments helps to ensure complete data and transmission protection, from PIN pad to payment processor. Connected Payments is implemented as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, allowing retailers to reduce compliance worries of payment regulations, such as PCI and EMV, and helping them to prepare for a future of innovative payment options that improve shopper experience.


  • Reduce compliance worries about PCI and other regulatory requirements by ensuring complete payment data security
  • Prepare your payment systems for EMV cards effortlessly, and reduce fraud-related liability
  • Embrace new payment types quickly and easily, and prepare your business for the future
  • Enjoy uncompromising security in a cost-efficient cloud delivery model





Security is naturally a key concern for any retailer. As pressure increases to assure full compliance with new regulatory standards, electronic payment solutions must be capable of insulating sensitive card data from the retail enterprise. This is, after all, the most effective way to manage liability and eliminate any potential risk of exposure.


With NCR Connected Payments, P2P (Point-to-Point) encryption and tokenization ensure that all cardholder data is protected within the PIN pad, and that this information is only decrypted after it safely arrives at electronic payment datacenters. The same secure flow applies to online transactions as well.



Connected Payments helps merchants maintain continuous compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). It also enables quick and easy transition to support EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa), a global standard for interoperation of IC cardcapable points of sale. The solution additionally offers native support for WIC EBT (eWIC) with all participating online WIC states.


The nature of the SaaS delivery model brings with it another major benefit—retailers implementing NCR Connected Payments enjoy fully automated payment software and compliance updates. This means that they do not have to worry about configuring POS (Point-ofSale) and store systems every time a change is made to regulatory requirements.


Even better, NCR Connected Payments provides added convenience by centralizing electronic payment management and reporting across the entire retail enterprise. With integrated support for most leading payment processors and providers, Connected Payments offers retailers the freedom to choose payment peripherals and switch processing partners freely, as per business demands. This ultimately ensures that retail chains are not solely dependent on single-source payment providers.





Mobile payments, eWallets, and other forms of digital payment outside the world of credit and debit cards, are quickly gaining popularity. Customers are increasingly becoming accustomed to these innovative payment options, and expecting them to be honored in brick and mortar stores, not just online.


However, retailers wishing to improve shopper experience and offer their customers new payment types typically discover that this can be extremely complicated and costly to achieve with their existing POS and payment infrastructure.


NCR Connected Payments’ architecture overcomes this challenge. Uniquely geared towards payment innovation, it enables retailers to rapidly implement new payment types and comply with emerging market trends. Connected Payments utilizes web tools to effortlessly drive on-demand changes in the stores, and even in individual lanes. As a result, new payment types can easily be deployed across the retail chain, offering customers greater choice and significantly improving shopper experience.





Connected Payments offers retailers secure and flexible payment support, while helping them prepare for a future, in which a multitude of payment options need to be managed in a tightly regulated industry. The NCR SaaS solution leverages flexible Microsoft architecture, as well as redundant active and active datacenters with real-time data replication, to provide rich payment functionality. This includes:


  • POS and payment engines; transaction switching
  • P2P encryption and tokenization
  • BIN file distribution, central configuration support and PIN pad management
  • Payment system health monitoring and alerting
  • Enterprise reporting and PIN pad tracking and alerting


OpenEPS, a payment client deployed at each and every POS lane, supports comprehensive payment functionality with custom transaction flows, prompts and cashier messages. It helps meet high priority retailer requirements, such as credit-to-debit conversion, auto tender resolution and triple language support, with no need for POS enhancement. OpenEPS provides a PA-DSS barrier, keeping the POS completely isolated from cardholder data, and reducing exposure of retailers’ POS solutions to standard regulation compliance risks. OpenEPS also eliminates the need for POS-level upgrades, as all payment application updates are implemented remotely.


Online and mobile transactions are also protected using NCR’s WebEPS client. Sensitive card data is encrypted and routed to the cloud via WebEPS, providing end-to-end payment security, both in stores and on the web.


NCR Connected Payments supports transaction switching, with multiple host certifications to choose from, and hosting by tender type, with transaction routing fully up to the retailer. This does away with the need for threatsensitive links between retailer and various authorizers, and enables retailers to switch authorizers without the need for lane modifications.


Store and lane monitoring capabilities provide full, ongoing awareness of a range of critical payment parameters, including:


  • Store payment systems connectivity
  • Offline processor activities
  • Time-out reversal transactions
  • Lane hardware state and disk space availability
  • POS software version and update status
  • PIN pad serial number integrity


To mitigate PIN-related theft and fraud risks, Connected Payments features PIN pad serial number tracking and reporting. It closely monitors PIN pads at the individual lane level, records any change or discrepancy by date and time, issues e-mail alerts on potential payment security risks and even allows retailers to disable PIN pads until further authorization.





Easy integration and retail chain-wide management with any current and emerging payment provider 





Connected Payments provides retailers with enhanced control over payments, with reduced liability, greater flexibility in improving shopper experience, and the ability to quickly keep pace with industry innovations. It is highly reliable, with redundancy built in at many levels, and with system health monitoring and alerting assuring continuous online availability. Connected Payments enables fast time-to-market with centralized control of payments in the retail enterprise.





Payment innovation readiness — NCR Connected Payments reflects innovation through architecture, enabling retailers to rapidly embrace new payment types and improve customer experience.


Freedom of choice — Connected Payments offers complete POS platform, PIN pad provider and credit card processor independence.


Native compliance with regulations — With built-in P2P encryption, Connected Payments helps organizations adhere to the PCI standard. It also features flexible EMV deployment and native support for all state-specific eWIC requirements.


High cost efficiency — Via the power and versatility of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) cloud delivery, allowing updates to be delivered remotely.


NCR Connected Payments enables retailers to rapidly implement new payment types and embrace emerging market trends.