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Department and Specialty Retail

Every sale makes your business stronger, but it’s the quality of every customer experience that defines your future. Because the surest way to build loyalty and advocacy is by making every single customer feel like you’ve given them everything they can ask for—or more. And yet, you don’t want to deal with complicated, costly systems to make this happen.

With a combination of our best technologies, including NCR SpecialtyPOS (formerly Advanced Store), NCR OmniPOS (formerly Cornell Mayo) and NCR Counterpoint, you can easily:

  • Send a customer an offer via mobile, and remind them about it when they’re in your store
  • Learn from customer behavior online, to understand what they’ll be looking for in your store
  • Be right on time with offers and information that customers will respond to
  • Create an ecommerce platform that’s just as good (or better) than the big ones out there

More than 7,000 department and specialty retail customers across Americas, Europe and Japan rely on NCR to run business better today—and be ready for what’s to come.


Cumberland Building Society launches online appointments with NCR and Q-Flow

The new system is part of Cumberland’s wider omni-channel strategy, integrating the diaries of the society’s branch advisors with multiple customer appointment booking touchpoints.


NCR’s Neurodiversity Initiative and Outreach

4u9a0130_1.jpg Willae Ivory, program manager, HR Talent Experiences, and Mike Groesch, vice president, Services Enablement and executive sponsor of the NCR neurodiversity initiative, discuss the value of ensuring new hires with different abilities are set up for success in our workplace At NCR, we believe all of our employees are iNCRedible! As a global team, we have always been dedicated to hiring a diverse workforce—an affirmation of our shared values. Throughout our long history, NCR has been on the forefront of a number of innovations around the way people work, the kinds of...

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Over 800,000 of the world's 3 million ATMs are NCR machines.