Every sale makes your business stronger, but it’s the quality of every customer experience that defines your future. Because the surest way to build loyalty and advocacy is by making every single customer feel like you’ve given them everything they can ask for—or more. And yet, you don’t want to deal with complicated, costly, and resource-intensive systems to achieve this. 

With a combination of NCR’s best technologies built on our deep domain expertise in retail, you can easily: 


  • Send a customer an offer via mobile, and remind them about it when they’re in your store
  • Learn from customer behavior online, to understand what they’ll be looking for in your store
  • Be right on time with offers and information that customers will respond to
  • Create an eCommerce platform that’s right for your business needs and goals 


See why more than 7,000 department and specialty retailers across the Americas, Europe and Japan rely on NCR to run their businesses better today—and prepare for what’s to come tomorrow.

    Digital Transformation


Connect to consumers anytime, anywhere



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NCR Advanced Store - A complete retail software solution for a consistent, efficient, personalized shopping experience. 



Meet your needs and improve the customer experience with the NCR advanced store suite of omnicommerce capabilities.



Move beyond the counter


Take the “point of sale” to the “point of decision” by moving your store associates from behind the counter to the sales floor. This is not only more convenient for your customers, but also helps associates with upsells and guided selling. Paired with our Mobile Gateway solution, it delivers full POS functionality anywhere on the sales floor.



Provide a personalized shopping experience


Customize the shopping experience by integrating your loyalty programs and targeted marketing across all channels and touchpoints. Let your customers choose the promotions and products they’re most interested in, how they want to receive offers, and more—all based on stored personal preferences. Deliver the anytime, anywhere shopping experience Provide the same shopping experience to your customers online or in-store— or, allow them to do both within the same transaction using a combination of purchase and pick-up delivery options. NCR Advanced Store gives your customers the flexibility they want and gives you upsell opportunities whether they are in or out of the store.


Leverage complementary solutions that boost revenues


The POS can be implemented in conjunction with solutions such as NCR Sales Advisor, an innovative tool featuring rich product information and robust recommendation engine. This helps associates boost sales by providing high-touch service and suggesting add-on products.



Maximize your IT investment


NCR Advanced Store provides outstanding investment protection as an open system that is compatible with most hardware and with previous versions of software, allowing you to leverage existing investments. Whether it’s an NCR POS terminal, hardware from another provider or even a mobile device, you reap the benefits of this leading-edge application without a hardware upgrade.


Make training and day-to-day usage easy for associates NCR Advanced Store uses touch screen and features an updated user interface, translating moves such finger swipes into scrolling through a list the same intuitive way that smartphones do. This technology also requires fewer touches by the associate, making it easier to learn (lowering training costs and enabling new cashier success much faster) and reducing the risk of error.



Get store management and decision aids 


The NCR Advanced Store back office application can be accessed anywhere, from any device. It provides operational insights for store management (including financial and sales reporting, cash management, and more).



Help manage fraud 


Validate, in real time, all return transactions throughout your business. Returned store items are automatically validated against centralized transactions to obtain the original sales price and help ensure items are only returned once. You can also reduce coupon fraud by validating items in the transaction and coupons are not expired.



Boost loyalty with offers and promotions 


Show your customers you appreciate their repeat business with loyalty offers like promotional pricing, coupons, suggestive selling, multichannel transactions and best deal calculations, which help you sell more and improve your bottom line. 



Take advantage of value-add solutions 


NCR Advanced Store is easily integrated with a wide range of additional solutions that can help optimize your enterprise:


  • NCR Connected Payments
  • NCR Command Center
  • Cloud Connect
  • Cashier Analyzer
  • Digital Coupons





  • Single global solution that supports multiple languages, currencies, and tax rules all through a central configuration
  • Feature-rich parameterized “plug and play”solution, installable right out of the box
  • Touchscreen and gesture-based user interface
  • Ease of installation and maintenance, featuring the unique functionality you need without migration-limiting customizations
  • Digital receipt capabilities with eReceipt Messaging Service, enabling customized email receipt templates and targeted marketing information





NCR Advanced Marketing Solution (AMS): Taking Loyalty to the Next Level



Today’s shopper is unique and expects to be treated that way – a one-size-fits-all communications strategy won’t work for fostering effective, repeat customer engagements. By asking shoppers about their preferences, you can learn more about how each customer wants to engage. This improves the customer experience, provides stronger engagement, and results in greater customer lifetime value.


NCR AMS is a comprehensive, flexible and consumer-specific offer management solution that can help achieve this meaningful engagement. The industry’s leading omni-channel promotion, loyalty and rules engine, the application is an intuitive, responsive tool for creating, deploying and managing promotions and facilitating consumer loyalty across your enterprise. The application also helps streamline promotion delivery and reduce operations/IT support.


Benefits across your enterprise 



From marketing to merchandising, across sales, loss prevention and operations, our solution can positively impact every area of your business: 


  • Boost sales and margin - Create and distribute targeted offers to reward your best customers, keeping them coming back for more. Our solution takes data from multiple sources and converts it into targeted, relevant messaging that can be delivered across any sales channel. Grow revenues without giving up margin by increasing shopper frequency and transaction size.
  • Validate in real time for fraud deduction - Help reduce both customer and associate fraud during the transaction process to achieve substantial benefits for your bottom line. With updates to all channels in real-time, the application deters fraud due to misuse of associate discounts, copies, code breaking and timing.
  • Increase labor savings and operational efficiency - Designed to minimize IT involvement in executing marketing promotions, NCR AMS automates the time-consuming manual offer management process. The easy-to-use solution enables rapid deployment and responsiveness, consolidating functions for substantial time savings.
  • Optimize existing systems - Use existing systems and extend their lifecycles. By seamlessly integrating with your current systems (such as point-of-sale, data warehousing and CRM), we help you enhance – not replace – the structures you already have in place. you already have in place.

Comprehensive capabilities to support your program 



Our modular platform is fully customizable depending on your specific needs and goals:


Advanced Promotions


Create a virtually limitless number of offers, messaging and rules triggered by events (item scans, transaction size, date, time of day and more). Empower associates and assist selling efforts with real-time messaging to associate and customer displays, eComm shopping carts, printed and electronic receipts.


Load to Card


Capable of personalizing offers down to the customer/ store level, NCR AMS facilitates targeted promotions in a matter of minutes via an intuitive user interface. Its robust technologies enable complex rules for the many types of discounts and offers you require to keep shoppers captivated.


Customer Targeting & Loyalty


Personalize down to the individual shopper. Communicate to specific segments identified in your current CRM or created in the AMS application, and manage enrollment and customer data. This module also provides the ability to create, execute and manage (new and existing) point and continuity programs.


Third-Party Offer Management


Manage the multitude of third-party offer providers formed in the wake of the digital coupon revolution with NCR Cloud Connect. Our cloud-based service enables third-party providers to be certified on our standard interface, eliminating the costly custom integration required for each provider.

Real-time dynamic customer data management 



With our optional Enterprise Preference Manager (EPM) module, you can manage the creation, collection and targeting of real-time customer preferences. Preferences may include favorite brands/departments, preferred communication methods, receipt types and many others that give customers an active role in the offers and promotions they receive.



When integrated with our AMS solution, EPM empowers you to respond to merchandising priorities and competitive pressure within minutes by understanding your customers’ shopping behavior and preferences. This easy-to-use, retail software for simplified and effective multi-channel marketing enables you to:


  • Dynamically create and distribute preferences
  • Obtain a holistic view of your customer
  • Improve promotional programs by leveraging customer preferences
  • Capture and monitor the voice of your customer by channel
  • Personalize your customers’ shopping experience across channels



Wide-ranging solution functionality



Advanced Promotions


  • Promotional pricing, surveys, proration
  • Multi-channel integration (in-store, near-store, at home, point-of-sale)
  • Couponing
  • Offer priority and exclusion with logic based on predetermined rules & requirements
  • Messaging & notifications, real-time and post-sale, notification of pre-sales and exclusive events
  • Suggestive Selling



Customer Targeting (Loyalty)


  • Identification, ability to scan at any point of transaction, householding
  • Dynamic customer segmentation, with events automatically moving members to targeted segment
  • Point tracking and stored value programs
  • Couponing (date/time/customer specific), featuring real-time single use enforcement
  • Associate management with discount tracking, associate-specific promotions and messages



Preferences (Optional module: Enterprise Preference Manager)


  • Retailer created dynamic preferences, with choices for preference/response types, delivery channels and targets
  • Real-time preference updates and delivery, significantly enhanced historical transaction data analysis
  • Personalized shopping experience across channels, with relevant offers and messaging tailored for each customer


Why chose NCR AMS


  • Improved consumer experience and loyalty using preferences with relevant offers
  • Real time voice of the consumer
  • Localization in consumer preferred language, currency, weights & measures
  • Improved customer experience with real-time consistent offers delivered across channels
  • Consolidation of disparate systems & resources
  • Support for diverse integrated platforms & targeted investments
  • Self-learning technology – trigger-based consumer preferences
  • Targeted upsells and increased incremental sales



Our solution takes data from multiple sources and converts it into targeted, relevant messaging that can be delivered across any sales channel.