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Your customers can’t help but feel special when everything was designed with them in mind.
Be everywhere your shoppers want you to be.
  • NCR makes it simple to meet your customers wherever they are, no matter how they prefer to shop.
  • Your entire store is connected digitally, giving shoppers what they want most: faster checkout, personalization, and consistency.
  • We partner with you to create an easy, intutive experience that keeps shoppers coming back.
  • A totally connected store means your operations will run smoother than ever.
Whole Store Solutions
Grocery & Drugstores
Mobile Shopping

Connect your online and in-store experience by putting power in the hands of your customers to browse, scan, pay, and go.

  • Intuitive personal shopping application.
  • Support customer iOS- and and Android-based devices and Android-based personal shopping devices.
  • Access and modify shopping lists on the go and track spending.
  • Integrate with POS and loyalty applications to deliver real-time offers.
  • All the details: support for item location, detailed product information, and price verification.
  • Tendering at self-checkout, on the personal shopping device or mobile phone, and at an assisted lane.
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Put customers in control of their experience and make shopping faster, easier, and more convenient.

  • Small footprint solution, ideal for just about any retail format.
  • Ideal for high-volume stores with small baskets and strong card usage.
  • Save money on your technology investment by eliminating cash and coin tender options and security scale.
  • Flexible installation options from floor pedestal to countertop or wrap stand and even wall-mounted.
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NCR’s loyalty and marketing solutions streamline the process of speaking to your shoppers as individuals by offering them promotions, member exclusives, and other relevant, valuable rewards.

  • Improve customer experience and loyalty using preferences with relevant offers.
  • Capture the real-time voice of the consumer and a holistic view of your shoppers.
  • Increase sales and margins with more frequent visits and bigger transaction sizes.
  • Save on labor and make operations smoother with easy-to-use tools and automation.
  • Consolidate disparate systems and resources.
  • Get support for diverse integrated platforms and targeted investments.
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Point-of-Sale Solutions

The complete retail software solution for a consistent, efficient, personalized shopping experience.

  • Provide a personalized shopping experience.
  • Leverage complimentary solutions that boost revenue.
  • Maximize your IT investment.
  • Get store management and decision aids.
  • Help manage fraud.
  • Boost loyalty with offers and promotions.
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Secure Payments

What’s more important than security? For your customer, nothing. That’s why NCR offers solutions for secure payment transactions from POS to payment networks.

  • Flexible payment transaction.
  • End-to-end payment processing.
  • Centralized electronic payment management.
  • Regulation compliance.
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