NCR Counterpoint


NCR Counterpoint is the specialty retail management system that brings the front and back offices into harmony, enabling you to grow your best business. Our comprehensive and flexible solution will manage your business’ details so you can focus on what truly matters: your customers. We build the stage that allows you to perform.

Automate Your Inventory Purchasing

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Conducting Your Business


While you’re impressing your customers, our software is behind the scenes, ensuring that everything from inventory management to front-of-house is a seamless experience. Whether it’s in front of a crowd of thousands or impressing that loyal patron, our customizable software will harmonize your retail business.

Email Marketing


Everyone loves another encore! Our integrated, closed loop email marketing platform connects you with your customers after the show and entices them to come back for more.

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Mobile Point of Sale


Give them a personalized performance – our mobile point of sale brings the shopping experience directly to your customers. Line bust or check inventory right from your fingertips. It’s a definite crowd pleaser!

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Bring the performance to your customers! Our fully integrated online shopping tool allows your fans to shop anywhere.



Performers need that personal assistant! As a multi-site operator, ensure all of your store site operations are playing in tune, even when you’re not there. Our alerts will keep you informed of all store activities.

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Point of Sale and Inventory Management


Customize your ensemble – your front house point of sale is where the performance meets the fan base. A show is only as strong as stage crew and our real time inventory management software enables you to receive, categorize, and manage inventory effectively.

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Mic check 1 2 3… a fully integrated platform will empower your front house business to succeed. Our terminals provide your retail business with a solid base, ensuring you’re ready for the reprise.

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“NCR Counterpoint is a vital part of our business, optimizing everything from forecasting and purchasing to inventory control.”

Nick Marziliano, Owner Sam’s Italian Deli

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