Offer customers the convenience they're looking for with self-checkout

Transform your checkout and your c-store experience

A customer comes in fast—they’re on their way somewhere else.

They grab what they need, head to the front…but another customer is taking forever with the lottery. What happens next? If you have NCR Self-Checkouts, they can scan, bag and pay, and get back out the door. How’s that for convenience?


  • Give your c-store customers fast service, control and flexibility
  • Cut wait times and empower your team – a single attendant can work the register for people who need assisted service while being available to help self-checkout customers with restricted items like tobacco
  • Create a stylish, modern front end with a range of styles and sizes that fit your brand
  • Add mobile shopping for customers who prefer it in-store

Choose from an extensive portfolio of NCR FastLane self-checkout convenience store solutions.

  • Small-footprint, card-only kiosks and larger models with integrated scales plus note and coin recycling
  • Intuitive user interface to guide shoppers through their transactions quickly and easily
  • Each model includes hardware, software and services

R6C offers the latest in c-store self-checkout technology:

  • Robust cash management functionality including global cash and coin recycling, high-capacity recycler and support for nine coin denominations
  • Supports industry-standard payment methods, including contactless
  • Contemporary design and smaller profile to fit most c-store layouts

Need as small-footprint self-checkout for your c-store? The NCR SS90 is a great choice.

  • Variety of mounting options – countertop, floor pedestal or wall mounted
  • Best for retailers who want to offer fast, cashless self-servicecheckout without the need for an integrated scale

NCR FastLane Mobile Shopper is perfect for customers who prefer digital shopping experiences inside the store. 

  • Customers can scan items as they shop and finalize the purchase on their smartphone using a stored payment method or via self-checkout kiosk 
  • Customers can skip the checkout entirely, which helps reduce wait time and can free up staff to help other customers

What makes NCR products
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