NCR has separated into two separate and distinct companies: NCR VOYIX and NCR Atleos.
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Connect your entire convenience store

Our industry-leading POS delivers reliability, security and speed at every touchpoint.

Run your business on an industry-leading solution

  • Manage all your profit centers in one place
  • The industry’s best uptime
  • Indoor and outdoor EMV-ready
  • Supports self-checkout + a variety of checkout methods
  • Fast and efficient foodservice
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Open system that supports new channels and platforms
  • Real-time insights and mobile-based analytics
  • The most scalable POS on the planet 

How it works

RPOS enables connectivity across all touchpoints, so you can manage all profit centers in one place.

RPOS supports the newest innovative features in the c-store industry, including:

  • Ordering at the pump
  • Digital ordering
  • Mobile payments
  • Delivery service
  • Engagement-enabled loyalty programs


RPOS provides all the tools you need, including:

  • Configuration manager
  • Site manager
  • POS/POS Connect
  • Mobile (ordering, payments)
  • Cashflow security
  • Age verification


Keep your business up and running with a fault-tolerant architecture

With strong reliability thanks to unmatched industry uptime and secure transactions, customers gain trust and rely on your store to give them the quick and convenient shopping experience they expect.

Improve operational efficiency with greater accuracy and speed through integrated foodservice

Serve up speedy orders, no matter how customized they are or how busy you are. You’ll delight customers and your staff with orders from your pump, self-service kiosks and even third-party delivery apps all routing into your kitchen system in one fast, amazing experience. And it’s a smart way to boost same-store sales.

Protect your business and your customers with best-in-class payment security

Providing indoor and outdoor EMV compliance that protects your business, NCR VOYIX RPOS allows you to easily adhere to industry regulations at every profit center in your store. RPOS keeps customer data secure with end-to-end encryption and Connexus security standards, so that you can remain a trusted and reliable brand for your customers. Our EMV-compliant solution protects your business from fraud liability, both indoors and outdoors.  With RPOS, you can rest assured that you have the end-to-end solution fully-equipped with the top-tier security in the industry.

Enable innovation with a flexible, open platform

With NCR VOYIX RPOS, you have the flexibility you need to adapt your POS to market changes; you’ll provide differentiating experiences today while gaining the flexibility to seamlessly adopt the trends of tomorrow. RPOS allows you to continually add and grow capabilities seamlessly—without disruption to your store’s ecosystem, allowing you to implement add-ons faster and at a lower price. Plus, you can manage all of your stores from anywhere, anytime with mobile accessible, real-time daily dashboards to improve operations across your enterprise.

These brands use the #1 c-store POS provider in the world. Shouldn’t you?

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