NCR Forecourt Solutions: Fuel Your Business

You know your customers best. Our forecourt solutions give you the power to connect with them while they pump gas, through customized and personalized content that drives them inside your store. And with options that are easier to maintain and update, and that are EMV ready, your investment will be futureproofed for the long haul.

Fuel Your Forecourt

Why Should You Upgrade?

  • Cloud Management
  • Drive Business into your store
  • EMV compliant by 2020
  • future-proof your investment
  • Cloud Management


    Use our cloud-based systems to access, manage and remotely control the content and services you provide to your customers while they fill up. You can now own and drive the experience.


  • Drive Business Into Your Store


    Create additional revenue streams by offering services, goods, promotions and more to customers while they fuel up outside the store, as well as while they’re inside the store.

  • EMV Compliant by 2020


    NCR forecourt solutions are EMV-ready, so you’ll be ahead of the game when the liability shift happens in 2020.

  • Future-Proof Your



    With larger screens that are touch-enabled, combined with pay-and-go options, your NCR investments will stand the test of time.


Explore our Forecourt Experience Transformation





The OPTIC 5 is a compact, all-in-one forecourt experience solution. With the ability to present unique content that you control across all your locations. Combined with EMV-ready payment options, the OPTIC 5 will transform your customer experience, while driving more business inside your store.




  • 5” LCD screen
  • Chip card and contactless reader
  • 2D barcode scanner and mag stripe reader
  • Latest in payment security certifications
  • Small form factor with flexible mounting options



Deliver a consistent and engaging customer experience that is unique to your business. With an unprecedented open platform, the OPTIC 12 gives you the flexibility to create your own custom content that speaks to your unique customers’ needs.




  • 12” LCD HD touch screen
  • Chip card and contactless reader
  • 2D barcode scanner and mag stripe reader
  • Modular design with a wide range of pump retrofit options



Reward loyal customers at the pump through custom promotions and loyalty programs. With our open platform technology, NCR forecourt solutions make it easy for you to create and integrate these programs directly into your retail experience. And with the added technology of scanners and NFC chips, you can lay the foundation for true omni-channel retailing.

OPTIC In Action

Find out how the NCR Optic redefines the C-Store experience


Get the most out of the forecourt with the all-in-one solution for outdoor fuel retailing. NCR helps you do it all – drive in-store purchases, increase loyalty through personalized custom content, prepare for the requirements of EMV and new payment adoption.