Run your entire operation end-to-end with back office solutions from NCR

A better back office for your store?
Digital is how you get it done.

When your back office runs better, your whole convenience store does, too.

From inventory and purchasing to employee management and payroll, we digitize your manual processes and give you real-time insights so you can focus on delighting customers and growing your business.

  • Push the same POS configurations across all of your sites, including pump prompts, menu buttons and receipt text
  • Don’t lose sales to out-of-stocks or have to toss unused inventory. Get the balance right with forecasting tools and real-time visibility into your stock
  • Easily manage pricing, coupons, discounts, promotions and specials at the site level
  • Get real time visibility into price overrides, fuel price changes, voids and other suspicious activity
  • Check in with mobile access—even when you're out

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Run your C-store with all the back office must-haves

Point-of-Sale Configuration Manager

Set up your POS system for consistency across all your convenience and fuel sites from one location, including remotely managing retail items, fuel prices and administrative items.

  • Make updates once and they’re deployed everywhere
  • Customize pump prompts, POS menu defaults and receipt text to deepen your brand experience

NCR Site Management

Manage multiple stores and the items they sell from a central location, including pricing, coupons, promotions and more.

  • 60 preconfigured reports give you real-time visibility into price overrides, fuel price changes, voids and other suspicious activity
  • Manages a centralized store item catalog with all required retail data attributes
  • Optional modules for inventory, vendor portal and more
  • Integrates with a variety of back offices using CONNEXUS interfaces
  • Access key operational data from the POS or back office systems for analysis

NCR Pulse Mobile Management

Uses the data from your convenience store POS to give you 24/7, real-time insights into store and forecourt transactions you can access from any mobile device to make strategic decisions on the fly.

  • Dashboard offers standard KPIs with drill-down options into any metric
  • Easily monitor sales trends, fuel flow rates, system alerts and unexpected events as they happen

NCR Power DAX & Power Inventory

Optimize inventory ordering and stock replenishment with a browser-based inventory solution designed specifically for fast-moving convenience retailers.

  • Offers four core modules: forecasting, inventory, ordering and analytics that use mathematically precise algorithms to accurately understand demand and manage replenishment
  • Automated forecasting and replenishment — fully automated replenishment processes that help address every possible inventory scenario across the entire retail chain
  • Centralized inventory management with an eye for detail — centralized order management that keeps stores, warehouses and distribution centers in full sync
  • Intelligent fresh and perishable item handling
  • Multi-echelon Replenishment based on actual shopper demand

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