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From POS to outdoor payment terminals to forecourt engagement, payments, back office and beyond, we make running your store feel simple.

Run the pump, store, kitchen, and more

What if your solution ran everything from the POS to the forecourt, foodservice, carwash and lottery? If it gave your customers new ways to pay? If it made upselling easier, with 1:1 marketing at the pump that brought customers inside to buy? And if it included loyalty programs that keep them coming back? With NCR, your solution supports all this and more.


The Total Economic Impact™ Of NCR Software Defined Store

Software Defined Store delivers 164% ROI According to Forrester Study

Grab the attention of your fuel customers by giving them more—more personalized offers, engaging content, even more convenience—right at the pump. With OPTIC, you can provide better consumer engagement, drive more foodservice orders and in-store upsells, and a secure outdoor EMV solution.

You can fight fraud today and extend the lifespan of your dispensers with our retrofit kits. Plus, add new features with our open APIs, and so much…well, more.

Speedway chose NCR OPTIC as their next generation forecourt solution and now has it deployed in over 3,000 of their stores.

Convenience industry leaders use NCR foodservice solutions to deliver a “made-for-you” customer experience every time.

Serve up speedy orders, no matter how customized they are or how busy you are. You’ll delight customers and your staff with orders from your pump, self-service kiosks and even third-party delivery apps all routing into your kitchen system in one fast, amazing experience. And it’s a smart way to boost same-store sales.

Customers are looking for, well, convenience.  Especially when they’re ready to leave the store. If you offer self-checkout, you can put them in control while your associates are free to help others. Plus, today’s models uses computer vision technology to fight checkout fraud. And the sleek footprint designed for c-store counters gives your store a modern look.

NCR self-checkouts deliver the ultimate in-store experience for Parker's loyal customers and are an important step forward in their overall technology strategy to meet the changing needs of consumers.

NCR OPTIC allows MFA Oil to offer speedy, secure payment options to each customer with opportunities to enhance their experience at the pump, drive loyalty and ultimately increase more conversions from forecourt to storefront.

Making it easy for customers to pay how they want helps speed the experience. With NCR, they can transact securely at the pump, with full EMV compliance built in. Or they can unlock the pump and pay with your mobile app while you save on transaction fees. No matter your business, we can help you simplify payments and get customers in and out fast.

Want to meet modern demands but feel trapped with legacy technology? With our cloud-based services, you can make the most of your IT investments by augmenting them.

Whether expanding your kitchen beyond the store with mobile ordering and delivery, or virtualizing store systems with the only solution purpose-built for retail, you can fastback your business to deliver what today’s consumers are demanding.

Pilot Flying J used NCR Software Defined Store to shift from a hardware focus to a software-based approach to boost speed of service and deploy innovations faster.

Buc-ee's goal is to not make the customer wait on them. NCR's software solution is a dramatic improvement both inside, at the POS systems and outside at the island card readers. It’s a marked improvement over other transaction systems they’ve seen – especially with credit card processing, it’s blisteringly fast.

From consumer engagement at the pump to integrated loyalty programs that reward customers no matter how they shop, it’s never been easier to deliver personalized offers that keep your brand top of mind.  And, when your stores are easy to shop, in stock, and deliver on the promise of convenience, you’ll keep those customers for life.

Retailers are under pressure to modernize the physical store—but not sure which path to take. Rip-and-replace is too expensive. Cloud-only is too risky. And patching old systems just keeps you behind the competition. But with NCR Software Defined Store, you can break free of legacy limitations so you can innovate and grow—using the IT investments you already have.    

"The enhanced capabilities of NCR OPTIC fulfill a diverse range of customer experience objectives that are important to us as an organization."

Eric Bunts, Chief Information Officer at Mirabito Holdings, Inc.

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“We have a long and successful relationship with NCR and they have really established themselves as a retail innovation leader and one-stop shop for software, hardware and services.”

Jim Xenos, Vice President of Store Technology at Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores

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