POS Hardware Solutions for Restaurants

Get durable, proven POS terminals, handheld devices, kiosks and more, purpose-built for the demanding restaurant environment

NCR POS Terminals

PX Series POS Terminals

The PX Series runs either Windows 10 or Android in a sleek design with a LED backlit LCD glass screen to deliver full HD and projected capacitive touch technology. Solid-state components enable a fan-less design, meaning no moving parts to break. You can also mount a 7” display on the back so your customers can visually keep track of their order as it’s entered.

CX Series POS Terminals

The NCR CX Series couples an upscale and dramatic integrated design with best-in-class performance. Its exceptional versatility, ruggedness and unsurpassed data security delivers the key requirements to withstand today's high-risk interconnected world. Paired with NCR's software or your own homegrown applications, the CX POS Terminal will anchor whichever ultimate operator and customer experience you create.

NCR Mobile POS Hardware

NCR 7779 Tablet

The NCR 7779 Tablet product line includes 8” and 10” Windows tablet PCs and accessories offered through partnership with Aava Mobile. The tablets provide mobility and flexibility to fit any operation. Available with 1920x1200 resolution, the screen can be viewed easily and clearly at any time of the day. The tablet also comes with built-in NFC for contactless tags and non-payment cards.

NCR Kitchen Hardware

NCR KC4 Kitchen Controller

Built to withstand the harsh environments of restaurant kitchens, the durable NCR KC4 Kitchen Controller is the core component to enabling the precise order routing and operational flows of the NCR kitchen production solution. The KC4 offers high performance, best-in-class power efficiency, simple serviceability and optimized connectivity. Its rugged, solid state design along with flexible mounting options provide operators the utmost in reliability and versatility when transforming their kitchen operations.

NCR KT2200 Kitchen Touch Display

The highly-visible NCR KT2200 Kitchen Touch Display is a large, LED back-lit LCD touch screen purpose-built for restaurant kitchen environments. The display features a tough, full-HD glass screen with PCAP touch technology and is fully-enclosed in stainless steel that is resistant to typical kitchen contaminants. Measuring 12.5 x 21.5 inches (but only 1.85 inches wide at its largest point) and with flexible mounting options for any kitchen, the NCR KT2200 enables staff to easily see multiple orders in progress as well as take action on them, increasing both accuracy and efficiency.

NCR Bump Bar

Used to interact with the NCR KC4 Kitchen Controller, the NCR Bump Bar enables kitchen staff to easily “bump” or delete orders from the production queue. It features robust, programmable number keys as well as a volume-adjustable speaker that allows for alerts and key presses to be heard in noisy environments. The NCR Bump Bar is built to withstand heavy use, with a rugged aluminum enclosure and rubber end caps that fully protect the bar from the harshest of kitchen environments.

NCR Restaurant POS Servers & Peripherals

The NCR N4000 is a small form factor, solid-state, back of house site controller designed and built for best in class reliability. This device uses SSD storage, a passively cooled heat spreading enclosure and low power – high performance components. The N4000 utilizes Intel® Coffee Lake chipset with low power i5-8400 Hexa Core (4.0 GHz turbo) processor. With a highly reliable design, a fast processor, DDR4 SDRAM, USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 2, dual video outputs and much more, the N4000 provides enough power for the most demanding software for years to come.

NCR S600

The NCR S600 provides an industry standard computing platform for site and file servers. The S600 utilizes Intel’s ®Coffee Lake Q370 chipset with low  power processors including an i5-8500THexa Core (3.5 GHzturbo). With a highly reliable design, a fast processor, DDR4SDRAM, USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 2, dual video outputs and much more, the S600 provides enough power for the most demanding software for years to come. Keeping with the NCR goal of long-life products, the S600- has been sourced to provide a long life relative to the PC market, where platform changes every 6 months are common. 

NCR 7199 Thermal Receipt Printer

The NCR 7199 high-speed thermal printing capability and proven reliability can help reduce transaction time, increasing customer satisfaction and throughput. It prints crisp text, at a rate of 355mm or 14 inches per second, and sharp graphics in 16 levels of grayscale. The 7199 can be wall mounted, integrated with your NCR point-of-sale terminal, or placed on the countertop as a front or top exiting receipt printer.

NCR Self-Ordering Kiosks

NCR SelfServ™ 90 Kiosk

The NCR SelfServ™ 90 kiosk is an interactive kiosk that’s tough enough to withstand harsh restaurant environments. With a large, bright screen with multi-touch capability that delivers a “tablet like” experience, it supports gesture-based interactions, EMV standards for credit and debit payments and has several mounting options

NCR XK32 Kiosk

The NCR XK32 kiosk runs on 6th gen Intel® Core processors. Its 32” glass zero-bezel display has the real estate to upgrade the visual appeal of menu items with professional images. It is versatile with multiple peripheral choices and mounting options to best fit your physical space. The kiosk supports receipt printers, 2D imagers and Verifone and Ingenico payment devices with mag stripe readers or EMV with chip and pin.

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