Restaurant Digital Signage

Captivate and motivate your audience with NCR's high resolution digital signage.

Used both indoors and outdoors, NCR Vitalcast digital signage solution is available in a wide variety of sizes and formats for use as digital menu boards, advertising, promotions, ticketing, and box office advertising. NCR makes it easy for you to deliver fresh, eye-catching content with this efficient and effective tool. You can:

  • Integrate data from different systems such as point of sale and scheduling softwares for effective, accurate communications.

  • Communicate engaging content to customers including combined information, advertising and entertainment elements.

  • Update and deploy new information with NCR's digital signage solution and Content Manager's easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

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Product Summary


Motivate desired customer behavior with real-time offers and information


NCR Vitalcast Digital Signage enables you to connect with customers by offering information and offers that are targeted to their needs at that moment. Organizations in a wide array of industries use our state-of-the-art, digital signage solutions for such applications as advertising and promotions, employee  ommunications, digital menu boards, ticketing and box office advertising, and visitor information and directions.


Creating a highly visible advertising platform that drives results - Organisations can use NCR Vitalcast Digital Signage both indoors and outdoors to create and deploy professional advertisements that generate customer response.


Ensuring high customer awareness of your business- With their high quality, colorful LCD and plasma screens, digital signboards are extremely visible and memorable. Leverage their capabilities for industries such as restaurants, hospitality, retail, cinemas, venues—and more.


Creating instant offers to capitalize on market changes - With NCR Vitalcast Digital Signage, new marketing offers can be created and deployed in just a few minutes. Respond to changing market trends—and create new sources of revenue.


Target your audiences effectively - While static signage is costly, time-consuming to produce and provides one-size-fits-all messaging, digital signage is endlessly changeable. Create individualized site offers that meet the needs of different demographics, using test-and-learning marketing to increase sales gains.


Providing compelling content - Digital signboards work with a wide array of media formats, including graphics, text, advertising, live TV and real-time weather updates. Add your logos and visual identity to create marketing and information customers can use.


Offering valuable information - Reduce the strain on staff by providing answers to frequently asked questions, such as directions, weather conditions or daily menus. Dayparting capabilities enable you to provide information that is relevant to customers’ needs at that time of day.


Providing public service announcements - Increase employee and guest safety by deploying emergency alerts whenever needed. Alerts can help direct foot traffic in large venues, such as outdoor concert venues, convention centers and theme parks, preventing accidents.


Managing an easy-to-use solution - Use NCR Vitalcast Digital Signage and Content Manager to create professional content with just a few mouse clicks. Solution wizards provide drag-and-drop interfaces that make it easy to create, update and manage information.


Deploying a scalable solution - NCR Vitalcast Digital Signage offers organizations the best of both worlds: a scalable platform with local control. Any employee can create and manage displays for multiple sites from a single workstation.


Key features


  • Provides an easy-to-use, scalable platform that can be managed by any employee
  • Uses NCR Vitalcast Content Manager and an Internet WAN/LAN connection to deploy content to as many sites as desired
  • Enables users to create and deploy new content in just a few minutes without any IT support
  • Can be used to manage geographically dispersed sites from a single workstation
  • Ideal for diverse indoor and outdoor applications across a wide array of industries