NCR Consumer Marketing

Identify, understand and engage your most valuable customers

Data management, loyalty and marketing platform for restaurant marketers


Customer Data & Segmentation:

  • Collect and aggregate your customer data from every transactional and experiential interaction
  • Create target segments to run personalized communications and programs
  • Leverage historical data to create your loyalty programs

Loyalty & Marketing:

  • Build reward programs including cash back, discounts, comps, promos, points, punches and surprise and delight
  • Automate your marketing with defined promotional triggers
  • Schedule and publish content via SMS, MMS and email

Loyalty Management & Analytics:

  • Track customer behaviors, campaign effectiveness and revenue to optimize marketing spend
  • Metrics and KPIs include attribution analysis, churn risk, engagement and redemption rates and high value customers
  • Includes easy-to-use pre-configured and customizable marketing campaigns and templates


Know more about your customers than you thought possible

What if you knew exactly what each of your restaurant guests wanted and what influenced their behaviors? You could use those insights to easily optimize your marketing strategy to better engage guests, build deeper loyalty and grow profits, increasing their lifetime value.

  • Uncover what motivates each guest to engage or order – and use it to your advantage
  • Turn non-loyal guests into truly loyal fans of your brand, and know more about them the moment they enroll in your loyalty program
  • Move beyond simple discount tactics to drive loyalty and deliver memorable experiences that wow your guests

Let the system do the work for you

No marketing staff? No problem. Our solution makes marketing easy with automated triggers, scheduled campaigns and tech that just keeps getting smarter the more you use it.

  • No more having to manage your marketing daily – automated campaigns do the work for you
  • Easily set up the system to start or stop sending communications based on pre-defined triggers or events
  • Mix up your marketing for older guests and digital natives alike – use both text and email

Use data to boost check size, loyalty and more

Focus your marketing efforts and budget on high value customers instead of customers who have already churned.

  • Easily identify and target customers who will spend more with you
  • Know which guests need an incentive to return and who will purchase at full price
  • Increase your average check size by recommending additional menu items you know each individual guest will love

Go beyond transactional loyalty to achieve true loyalty

Loyalty shouldn’t be transactional. It’s about connecting with your guests emotionally and creating real, human-centered experiences. The better the experience, the better the engagement – resulting in a higher revenues for your brand.

  • Move from a “one-size-fits-all” loyalty program to personalized programs that increase your revenue and customer lifetime value
  • Test and try different types program designs – from VIP programs to frequency-based to surprise and delight
  • Reward your customers with more than just discounts, including experiential rewards like early access to new menu items

Managing customer data and loyalty, made simple. Contact us for a demo or to request more information.