NCR Restaurant Back Office Solutions


Reduce your labor and food costs with flexible restaurant management capabilities


A better back office? Digital is how you get it done.


When your back office runs better, your whole restaurant does, too. And that’s what NCR Restaurant Back Office solutions can help you achieve. From inventory and purchasing to employee management and payroll, we digitize your manual processes so you can do more—and make more—with less.

More productivity and profit. Less labor and cost:

Zero in on smarter purchasing strategies with a deeper knowledge of what you’re really spending—measuring theoreticals vs. actuals

Get a better understanding of your operations, from inventory, recipe management and purchasing to cash management and reporting    

No more unnecessary overtime! Reduce labor costs by knowing exactly what staffing you need    

Get rid of the payroll headaches by easily tracking worked and non-worked hours    

Spend much less time managing employees with self-service access to their schedules, time off requests and schedule swaps    

“Dark kitchen?” Done. Seamlessly combine brick and mortar restaurants with an off-site commissary, centralized warehouse or dark kitchen for ordering, receiving and reporting    

NCR Back Office solutions:

Man and woman looking at analytics on an iPad Man and woman looking at analytics on an iPad Man and woman looking at analytics on an iPad

Employee scheduling for small to medium-sized businesses


Keep your shifts running smoothly while saving labor costs    

  • Build better schedules based on operator targeted labor % vs. the schedule and weather and projected sales
  • Publish schedules to employees via text, email and employee portal
  • Post to Aloha POS for schedule enforcement to control early and late clock-ins
  • Make it easy for employees to message managers, make requests and swap shifts
  • And it’s easy for managers to respond with schedule and swap requests that flow to manager dashboard alerts and guide them through the approve/deny process    
Man looking at analytics on his laptop and phone Man looking at analytics on his laptop and phone Man looking at analytics on his laptop and phone

Enterprise labor & inventory capabilities


Get measurable ROI in the areas of cash reconciliation, inventory, prep, food cost and labor control    

  • POS-agnostic: you can use it with the NCR Aloha solution or with many other POS vendors
  • Seamless ordering and invoicing integration – in-restaurant forecasts can also drive central kitchen prep and production
  • Streamline accounting and payroll information
  • Use SQL data to feed data warehouse, aligning with other data
  • Access more than 300 performance reports and compare over time – key areas including order and invoices, sales, food cost, forecast and prep, and labor reporting
  • Create your own custom reports
  • See inventory counts and employee schedules right on your mobile device
  • Other labor tools include SMS text to employees, tip distribution and reporting, ideal hour tracking, schedule enforcement, overtime tracking, predictive/secure scheduling, Affordable Care Act reporting and employee contracts    

NCR Back Office users have reduced food costs on average by 2% and report a 50-basis point improvement in overall profitability in the first year of implementation    

Over 55,000 restaurants around the world using NCR Back Office technology