Inventory & Labor Management Systems

Control your food and labor costs and drive menu profitability

NCR Back Office includes both inventory and labor management capabilities that can help you reduce waste and streamline your operations.
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Gain efficiency in ordering, invoicing and food prep

  • Support for central kitchen and consolidated ordering and prep
  • Prediction tools to calculate future sales amounts, product mixes and guest counts
  • Real-time costs of goods based on current pricing or first-in, first-out usage
  • Inventory and recipe management, purchasing, cash management and reporting visibility
  • Actual versus theoretical cost comparisons and dynamic view of top 20 food items
  • Purchase order recommendations based on trend and delivery schedules
  • Over 300 standard reports with the ability to customize and build your own
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Join more than 55,000 restaurants that are powered by NCR Back Office solutions.

NCR is the #1 restaurant POS provider in the world
Average 2-4% reduction in food and labor costs with NCR Back Office
30+ years
Over 30 years of restaurant industry expertise, features and functionality

Impact of NCR VOYIX Back Office

Reduce inventory costs
Measure, control and reduce food expenses by understanding your top costs and highlighting key variances. Pinpoint areas of unnecessary spending and eliminate them.
Reduce labor costs
Eliminate unnecessary overtime that can hurt your profit margins. Use operational intelligence to focus staff productivity on key tasks during the workday.
Increase profitability
Compare theoretical costs to actual spending, using information to refine purchasing categories. NCR Back Office uses trends and delivery schedules to recommend purchases, taking the guesswork out of ordering to help improve your bottom line.
Manage supplier relationship
Use solution data to negotiate contract pricing and streamline communications with your suppliers.
No guesswork in scheduling
Compare scheduled versus actual labor with a wide variety of analytical tools to understand true staffing requirements. Forecast future needs accurately while enforcing company labor standards.
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