Frank Hauck


Executive Vice President and President, Digital Banking

Frank Hauck is Executive Vice President and President, Digital Banking for NCR Voyix.


A seasoned leader known for his authenticity and customer engagement, Frank has extensive experience including infrastructure transformation, customer experience, sales and as a Service solutions. NCR Voyix is the leader in providing tech and infrastructure solutions that simplify and run self-directed banking operations. Frank and his team are dedicated to an innovative, digital-first strategy to keep financial institutions at the forefront of digital banking and provide a consistent customer experience. Frank joined NCR Corporation in 2018 as the Senior Vice President of Global Financial Services Sales where he led the NCR Banking Sales team to achieve operational excellence, maintain forecast accuracy and revenue maximization, and success in the market.


Prior to NCR, Frank served as President, Customers & Markets for Dell EMC’s Infrastructure Solutions Group. In this role, he was the principal liaison between the sales organization and global customers, strategic markets and other external stakeholders to sell solutions worldwide at the highest level. He previously served as President, VCE (Virtual Computing Environment), a division of EMC, driving global operations and customer experience. Frank has held a variety of leadership roles during his career, including finance, customer service, IT, product development, marketing and manufacturing, before moving into sales and organizational leadership roles.