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Early Careers

Get a jump start on your dream job

The transition between university and the workplace feels like a big leap—but you don’t have to go it alone. At NCR VOYIX, we help whole industries leap forward, and we can’t do it without you. So we’ve built exciting experiences, custom-designed for undergrads and graduates to make it simpler to start your career journey. 

Take a look around and get in touch. We can’t wait to start shaping the future with you.

Build, enhance and refine your skills

• NCR VOYIX leadership engagement

• Real-world projects and outcomes

• Professional and personal development

• Business etiquette and acumen

• Speaking and presenting

• Volunteering and community initiatives

• Industry knowledge

• Cross-functional collaboration

• Networking events

Partnerships with 80 universities around the world

Roles within 12 NCR VOYIX divisions

800+ summer interns

400+ full-time entry level hires

Ismail Amla

“At the core of serving local and global clients in the Retail, Financial Services and Hospitality sectors, NCR VOYIX Professional Services is on the front line of implementing leading-edge technology to change the way we live, shop, dine and bank. If you are curious about the impact of technology on business, people and society and want to be part of a purpose-driven team leading the change…. join us!”

University Profiles

Avneet Kaur Sethi

Software Engineering Intern, USA

Avneet is a Software Engineering Intern on the NCR VOYIX Silver Team, which develops the point-of-sale applications for small businesses on the Android and iOS platforms. She has worked with over a million lines of code to add new features into our app, resolve bugs and write automation tests.

“NCR is a great place for me to work because of its inclusive culture and workplace environment, where people can innovate, create, build, grow and—most importantly—have fun. That’s what #NCRlife is all about!”    
Shannon McGrath

Mechanical Engineer Intern, Scotland

Shannon is a mechanical engineer intern in the Secure Devices Team who has been working on a project to look at a new card reader design. She has worked through the concept stage of this project with other team members, creating 3D CAD designs of the proposed solution and presenting this to relevant teams for feedback.

“NCR VOYIX has been an exceptional kickstart to my engineering career. I have been given multiple opportunities and worked with some very knowledgeable colleagues who have passed on some of their wisdom. My internship has taught me how to take a project from the initial idea to a final solution and how to present this to a wider team in a professional manner. Everyone I have met along my NCR journey has been extremely positive and encouraging towards my progress and they have all been more than happy to support me in whatever way necessary to help me succeed.”
Calum Watson

Software Engineering Intern, Scotland

Calum is a software engineering intern in the Vision Foundation team, working to create a set of log management tools for the Vision system. He has researched, configured and written install scripts for a flexible Elastic stack package to integrate with Vision, to provide more value and save time for both clients and developers.

“The number-one thing about NCR VOYIX as a company has been the welcoming and progressive atmosphere within my team, making it feel like a tight-knit workforce, which pleasantly surprised me considering the scale and global renown of the company. It has been a great place to forge professional relationships and gain an insight into the software industry, while working in a challenging and encouraging environment.”
Maja Culum

UX Architect, USA

Maja is a User Experience (UX) Architect in the Software department. Her team creates frictionless experiences across all lines of business within NCR VOYIX through research, planning and design. She began her career with NCR as a summer intern on the Data Infrastructure team in 2017 and enjoyed the experience so much, that she came back to intern in 2018 with the UI/UX team.

“During both internship roles, I enjoyed being trusted to work on real and meaningful projects that contributed to the success of the company. I even got to research and test a product for Mercedes Benz Stadium.
What excites me most about NCR is its reputation as a global industry leader and our focus as a company to always put our customers first. I love creating projects that millions of people interact with multiple times a day—from the bank to their favorite dinner spot. We truly embody our values and represent integrity and innovation in all our work.”    
Pavlina Videnovic

PS Project Coordinator, Serbia

Pavlina is a part of the Professional Services Team as a Project Coordinator in Serbia. She cooperates with Project Managers from the USA and Canada on their projects. Pavlina works with them by tracking and setting up projects using the PSA tool, running different types of reports, opportunities’ resource managing, and arranging weekly meetings with Project Managers regarding project insights to ensure it’s good health.

“Before joining the NCR VOYIX I was thinking that working in a corporate world would eventually result in losing my identity. But I was wrong. Thanks to the inclusive culture and supportive people that NCR has, It is much easier to boost your personal growth and express the uniqueness you possess. Be responsible and challenge yourself!”

Awards that reflect our values at work, not just our work.