Life at NCR

An NCR life means crafting a story where you make a difference in the world; where you get to have daily adventures and experience the most iNCRedible ways of being collaborative and innovative with colleagues across the globe. An NCR life is one full of learning and new challenges. The best part? An NCR life is rewarding and fun!

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The NCR Story Begins with Our Shared Values

When We Get Involved, We Get Involved

From forging mentor relationships to igniting a passion for science and technology, we're iNCRedibly involved in our global and local communities.

At NCR, the shared values are embedded in the culture. Everyone [lives them out automatically] which is an amazing experience.






World-Class Work Spaces

We have over 30,000 employees located around the globe. From London to Atlanta, Belgrade to Mumbai; our workspaces are created to foster innovation, collaboration and flexibility.