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Are you ready to be part of a story of transformation? An adventure that spans over 130 years? The NCR narrative began with our founder, John H. Patterson, who was known to often say: “We progress through change.” Just as we’ve done since 1884, today we continue to grow, transform and reach new heights.


Now is an exciting time to join NCR. We are leading the future of connected experiences. A career here means making a difference in the world, embracing change and innovation, and always seeking new adventures.


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Seize the Everyday

A courageous call to action. A modern way of working and living. Seize the Everyday is about cultivating an iNCRedible experience for yourself and others by making the most of everyday moments—inside and outside the work you do at NCR. Are you ready to learn how you too can Seize the Everyday?
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NCR is a company that is constantly evolving and innovating. Every day you encounter different challenges, and you get to learn something new.