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The retailer's guide to setting up shop in the Metaverse

As society moves towards online shopping and as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) become more common currency, many retailers are already dipping their toes into the potential of the Metaverse. Read More >

Banking intelligence to power your business: Read our CONNECT magazine
Consumers are shifting their expectations faster than ever before. Technology is helping financial institutions accelerate the digital transformation needed to deliver the connected experience your customers want.
On a quarterly basis, CONNECT explores how the latest trends are impacting the banking industry.
What are FIs around the world doing to help the underbanked and support financial inclusion?

Technology can open up services to the financially excluded

Restaurant menu engineering 101 & why it's more important than ever

Learn why restaurant menu engineering and pricing strategies are more important than ever before.

5 surprising benefits of offering contactless payments in your restaurant

What do contactless payments have to offer your restaurant?

The creation of payment channels and how they work

How your business can choose the right payment channel

How businesses can leverage embedded finance to streamline access to financial services

Why embedded finance is the next big thing?