NCR Network & Security Services for Restaurants


Address cyber threats and risks proactively without impacting your day-to-day business


The threat of hacking and network breaches in your restaurant is too great to take lightly. And your customer data—and experience of your brand—is too important. A cyber-attack doesn’t just cost you fines; it can cost your restaurant its reputation and business. Knowing where hackers can get into your restaurant IT infrastructure is key. But it isn’t always easy. NCR Network and Security Services (NSS) is here to help safeguard your network and detect threats before a breach occurs.    

NCR Network & Security Services offers your restaurant multiple layers of defense and protection:

Protect your endpoints from malicious software using managed anti-virus services

Keep your POS systems protected with up-to-date security patches distributed to your POS systems

Stay PCI DSS-compliant requirements with file monitoring and reporting 

Enforce security policies and identify risks in your internal network    

Protect against malware on your devices with application whitelisting    

Lower your restaurant IT costs with robust security and network connectivity tools    

NCR Network & Security Services includes networking capabilities, endpoint protection and PCI compliance services for your restaurant



Rest easy with a commercial-grade managed firewall, managed WiFi and analytics and broadband failover service    

  • Protect the network from external sources with a commercial-grade managed firewall
  • Enable business critical functions – like mobile POS communications – with reliable enterprise grade Wi-Fi
  • Ensure you're always able to process card transactions – if your primary Internet connection fails, our Broadband Failover service automatically switches to a cellular connection so your business can seamlessly continue to accept credit card payments    

Endless Protection


Includes managed anti-virus software, app whitelisting technology and patch management    

  • App whitelisting technology to protect your endpoints
  • Protect against malicious software, such as viruses, Trojan horses, worms and spyware
  • Distribute key security patches to endpoints and systems    

PCI Compliance Services


Includes services that help identify network risks, collect security events and fill out PCI questionnaires        

  • Use a web-based wizard to answer the PCI Self-Assessment questionnaire
  • Centralize the collection of security events across your enterprise
  • Perform vulnerability scans to identify risks within your internal network    

Unlike other providers, we protect the endpoint at the POS physical equipment vs. just the network    

#1 provider of restaurant POS software and hardware    

Winner of the Ivanti Partner of the Year Award for three consecutive years in the category of Managed Service Provider

Secure & Protect your Network with NCR