Network and Security Services

Internet attackers can target the IT infrastructure of organizations large and small, threatening your reputation and exposing your business to expensive fines. How do you know your security protection is sufficient to defend against these threats? Understanding the potential entry points for system attacks is complex and requires dedicated resources to maintain a strong, secure network. NCR Network and Security Services (NSS) offers a comprehensive solution that safeguards networks and detects threats before a breach occurs. It is fully integrated with other NCR solutions, such as Aloha.



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network-security-services network-security-services network-security-services
  • Managed anti-virus services help to protect your endpoints from malicious software
  • Includes strong endpoint protection on POS systems
  • Up-to-date security patches distributed to POS systems to help keep critical systems protected
  • File monitoring and reporting to help support PCI DSS compliance requirements
  • Network protection that enforces security policies and identifies risks within your internal network
  • Breach Assistance Program helps cover expenses associated with a cardholder data breach
  • Application whitelisting provides strong malware protection for POS devices
  • Provides security services to protect the IT infrastructure, while also addressing many PCI compliance requirements
  • Centrally manages endpoint configurations and policies with strong protection against zero-day attacks
  • Can lower your costs of IT operations through providing robust security and network connectivity tools
  • Helps manage productivity through internet activity controls that limit employees’ access to only the websites you deem appropriate
  • Leverages the expertise of our managed network and security services rather than utilizing your resources for IT activities
  • Fully integrates across all NCR products and services, which eases deployment and improves reliability of your overall NCR solution
  • Provides a trusted and secure way of accessing systems remotely over the Internet






Secure remote access from anywhere 


It is easier than ever to view and print Aloha Manager reports, access your sites, and gain visibility to potential operational and security risks through proactive alerts. NCR Secure Access uses the most current security best practices to ensure data at the site remains safe and secure when accessed remotely



Run reports


When logged in, you have the ability to run and print specific system reports at a single site from anywhere.



Remote control to back of house


Using a secure VNC connection, NCR Secure Access allows users to establish a remote connection with the back of house server. A remote user is able to access and navigate as if they are actually at the site.



File transfer to back of house


Securely transfer files to the site server from a remote computer “behind the scenes’.


Only outbound connections


An agent running at the site and a client application on your local computer provides secure, outbound connections to a PCI-validated datacenter.



Encrypted communications


All communications to and from the site are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Secure Shell (SSH) to maximize security.



User authentication


NCR Secure Access eliminates the risk of social engineering attacks due to its unique form of two-factor authentication.





NCR Secure Access securely logs all user activity at the data center.





System alerts are displayed prominently on the NCR Secure Access main screen to provide quick and easy notification that a potential security risk has been detected or some other operational issue was encountered. This information enables you to be proactive in addressing potential problems at the site.



Security alerts 


  • Unauthorized remote access application detected
  • Windows updates turned off or out of date
  • No anti-virus software detection



Operational alerts 


  • Unsettled credit card batch
  • Pending offline credit transactions
  • Low disk space





Address risks proactively without impacting day to day business activities. 


NCR Network and Security Services offers a multi-layered defense solution to help business operators secure their networks, detect security risks and threats, prevent security compromises all while engaging customers and enabling web activity reporting.



Engage customers with secure Wi-Fi capabilities


Many consumers choose where they do business based on reliable WiFi connectivity. NCR Network and Security Services enables you to offer secure wireless connectivity without disrupting your critical business applications. You can capture valuable customer data points and feedback about their experience. Inviting new customers to join your loyalty program or sending current customers a special offer is a great way to engage and keep top of mind.



Secure reputation and customer data with PCI compliance


Cyber attacks are more sophisticated and common than ever. NCR Network and Security Services can help prevent data breaches and security compromises as well as address PCI-DSS compliance requirements. This multi-layered defense solution not only protects your customers’ card data, it also protects your business’ reputation. 



Better manage the entire customer experience


Protect every touchpoint of the customer experience from online ordering to loyalty programs to payment processing with powerful and secure IT infrastructure.



Lower your IT costs


NCR can help reduce operational costs by minimizing your exposure to malicious threats and limiting the cost of unexpected support.



Enhance employee productivity


NCR Network and Security Services helps you reduce diversions and protect your business by giving you the ability to limit access to undesirable websites.



Integrated systems reduce risk of breach


Minimize the chance of a security breach in your POS terminals, mobile solutions and customer outreach services with a completely integrated network.



Core Components 


  • Site Shield - Commercial grade managed firewall to protect network from external sources
  • Threat Defender - End-point protection utilizing app whitelisting technology
  • Secure Access - Data remains safe when accessed remotely
  • Breach Assistance - Financial support to protect you and your customers should a breach occur



Optional Components 


  • Managed Wi-Fi - Dedicated access point, customizable Splash Page and Connection Management
  • Managed Anti-Virus program
  • Patch Management (for Microsoft, Adobe, and Java software)
  • PCI Compliance Services - External scanning, SAQ assistance, security policy templates and on-demand security training
  • Internal vulnerability scanning
  • Event Logger - Log management and change detection/FIM





Protect against threats that find their way through network-level defense 


Threat Defender is part of the NCR Network and Security Services suite. When it is installed, it is designed to safeguard your computer systems. The software agent helps control what applications may or may not run on your system to minimize disruptions due to a virus infection, a network compromise or a self-inflicted problem. Threat Defender can help increase productivity and protect from malicious threats for your business.



Safeguard your computer system


An approach to securing systems by restricting which software is allowed to run on them to drastically decrease the opportunity for malicious programs to infect the protected computer is known as application whitelisting. 


Traditional antivirus tools allow software to run unless it is considered malicious, which often allows malware to evade detection. Application whitelisting allows only trusted applications to run, blocking other software from executing under the assumption that it’s malicious or undesirable.



Additional layers of security


Threat Defender includes host intrusion prevention system (HIPS) capabilities, which offer an additional layer of security to the system. HIPS accomplishes this using real-time behavioral techniques through:


  • Kernel-level protection against applications that attempt to modify important operating system files, processes and registry keys.
  • Protection against exploits that place code inside a process’ data segment.
  • Overseeing of the programs that attempt to run during the system’s startup.
  • Watching the system for unusual file access activities.



Key features 


  • Increase productivity by limiting employee access to nonbusiness related applications.
  • Protects system by not allowing malicious programs to run. 
  • Lower your IT costs by preventing malware and viruses from affecting your systems stability.
  • Safeguard your system by preventing the unauthorized installation of programs.