IT Estate Management


IT downtime can cost your business more than lost revenue. An important component of any technology solution is the ability for your IT teams to remotely monitor and access your systems.  Our remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities provide strong control over IT operations.  We provide the ability to remotely service and manage IT assets efficiently while maintaining security.



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  • Multi-factor user authentication, security alerts and audits, and encrypted outbound-only communications
  • Audit reports detail all actions taken at a site and specify which user initiated the action
  • Block unauthorized access and remove former users instantly to maintain system security
  • Set self healing alerts to automatically run defined auto-fixes when an issue occurs
  • Automatically deploy software across your organization and IT environment
  • Enables your IT staff to diagnose and solve problems without having to take over terminals and technology at your sites
  • Ensures secure remote access into IT systems by IT personnel
  • Enforces strong user authentication and PCI-compliant settings
  • Helps you resolve IT issues quickly without impact to daily operations

Product Summary


Take command of your multi-site IT operations from a single screen


Gain unprecedented control over your enterprise-wide IT operations with NCR Command Center. Leverage real-time site-level insight into the status of your hardware and software. This powerful and secure hosted application enables you to troubleshoot and solve issues rapidly before negatively impacting your site operations and the customer experience. Choose NCR Command Center for the insight you require to run your business.


Instant visibility into system performance - Use Command Center to monitor all site systems in real-time. Receive automated alerts when issues do occur, enabling you to take immediate action.


Rapid resolution of technology issues - Command Center provides powerful support features, allowing remote technology teams to diagnose and solve problems without taking over site servers and terminals. As a result, your business can continue providing exceptional, uninterrupted service to your customers.


System design strengthens security - Command Center helps protect your technology operations with multi-factor user authentication, security alerts and audits, and encrypted outbound-only communications. In addition, automatic security updates assist you to ensure that your systems are always protected against the latest threats.


Strengthened user accountability - Command Center provides leading identity and access management which includes several options for multi-factor authentication such as SMS and app-based options which provide one-time log on codes, individual accounts which tailor system and data access to user roles, and audit reports which identify actions taken by individual users.


Automated updates enhance functionality - Command Center provides automated security and functionality updates giving you immediate access to the latest features and changes while reducing the strain on your technology staff.


Rapid ROI from hosted support - Begin enjoying a significant return on your investment with Command Center minimizing technology issues, preventing operational disruptions, and increasing your security posture by practicing consistent software updating practices.


Key features


Product features


  • Hosted application with real-time monitoring, multi-site server and terminal operations.
  • Proactively and remotely resolve issues.
  • Automated file system access and file transfer capability
  • Easy and secure one-click access to site systems, configurations, and status of resources.
  • Enterprise-wide insight of all POS, kiosk, self-checkout and back-office machines.
  • Simple one-button access to key support actions: - Perform queries - Manage processes - Transfer files - Receive alerts - Obtain screen shots - Perform remote commands
  • VNC® remote control access
  • Instantly obtain site screen shots
  • Remote reboot
  • Password management


Security features


  • Security protocols include multi-factor user authentication (SMS or app-based), centralized user management, security alerts and audits, and outbound encrypted communications.
  • Audit reports provide complete detail of all Command Center actions taken by site with user initiation detail.
  • Closely manage user access providing access to only those required with capabilities to easily remove those who should no longer have access.
  • Capabilities to configure for firewall-friendly ports.
  • Can be configured for firewall-friendly ports.