NCR Contactless Restaurant Technology

Get set up for online ordering and contactless payments–lightning fast

Scan, Pay, Go.

NCR Mobile Pay is a web-based payment solution that’s fully integrated with the Aloha POS. There’s no app to install—guests simply scan, pay and go. It’s a true contactless experience that puts the power of the payment solely in the hands of the restaurant’s guests.

Start taking online restaurant orders quickly

Everything changed overnight, and you need to pivot…fast. Takeout and curbside pickup can help you generate the additional sales you need while staying connected to your customer base. You just need an easy way for guests to place orders online—and that’s where NCR Aloha Online Ordering comes in.

To get you set up fast, we can turn on its basic features so you can start taking online orders quickly—no heavy development or long lead times required. And you control the menu, pricing and experience from start to finish.

Take payments at the curb or at their door with NCR MyMobileMoney

MyMobileMoney is a standalone, non-integrated payment processing solution that makes it easy to take payments curbside, on the go for delivery drivers—or anywhere you want to take payments. It runs on any Bluetooth or internet device, accepts all kinds of payments and sends receipts by email. There’s no monthly software fee and set up is fast and easy.

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