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Our all-in-one POS is built for coffee shops

Run your coffee shop with Aloha

No hidden fees. Just one simple subscription.

Learn about the only coffee shop POS you will ever need.


POS built for busy coffee shop owners

Created for entrepreneurs with big aspirations, Aloha Cloud makes it easy to improve guest engagement and your speed of service.

  • Increase your average tip per hour with our suggested tip feature on customer-facing displays
  • Track sales and productivity, add new menu items and manage discounts and promotions, whenever from wherever
  • Get money deposited faster in your account and grow your business with next day funding
  • Keep in constant contact with your customers and promote new offers with built-in loyalty and email marketing programs
  • 24/7 support from restaurant and foodservice experts that care about you and your business


“NCR transformed a complex web of supplier systems into one simple one.”


If you’re going to the next level why would you not use Aloha? I realize there are a lot options now, but they don’t even compare in their understanding of restaurant operations. You can get the quick and dirty if you want, but it just tells me that you're not a detailed operator.”

The only POS your coffee shop will ever need