Loss & Fraud Prevention Software

Detect fraud and <g>change employee behaviors<g>

Loss prevention software that helps you identify unusual patterns of activity.
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Contactless Restaurant POS

Safeguard your operations and protect your bottom line

  • Save money and increase profits - identify patterns of theft and see the potential impact so you can act on it to protect your profits.
  • Save time - reduce the amount of time spent on sifting through restaurant POS transactions or tracking employee performance.
  • Increase productivity - quickly identify operational practices that need review and identify your best employees which helps you schedule appropriately during peak times.

How the rates of theft changed in <g2>392 restaurants after implementing Restaurant Guard<g2>

Total sales increased by more than $2,900 per location, per week on average
Increased average weekly drink revenue of more than $900 per location
An estimated 35% average increase in operating margin
key features

Impact of Aloha Restaurant Guard

Scam recognition
Common scam recognition including transfers, voids after check close, comps after check close, comps after check prints and more
Instant alerts
Instant alerts notify you of things like refunds, post close comps, post close voids and transfers
Detailed reports
Detailed reports including loss prevention summaries, scam alerts and insights into employee performance
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How to combat restaurant employee scams and theft using your restaurant POS

The National Restaurant Association estimates that internal employee theft is responsible for 75% of inventory shortages and about 4% of restaurant sales. And the key to stopping theft is understanding the behavior of your employees and determining how it’s happening and then focusing on the most important areas to deter or prevent theft from occurring.

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Aloha POS hardware
Aloha Cloud
Ideal for restaurants looking for a simple cloud-based solution.
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Aloha Essentials
Ideal for restaurants that need more robust capabilities for off-premise and on-premise restaurant management.
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Point of Sale
Customer Care & Onboarding Support
Payment Processing + EMV
Basic Loyalty
Restaurant Grade Hardware
Email Marketing
Optional add-on
Online Ordering
Optional add-on
Contactless Order & Payments via QR Code
Optional add-on
Advanced Reporting & Business Intelligence
Optional add-on
Gift Cards
Optional add-on
Advanced Loyalty and Marketing
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Optional add-on
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Digital Signage
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Optional add-on
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Labor and Inventory Management
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Employee theft is a reality, but it doesn't have to be yours.  <g>Find out how we can help.<g>

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