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Gain unmatched visibility into your restaurant's performance with Aloha Insight.

Our cloud-based reporting engine gives restaurant brands the ability to aggregate data across multiple locations.
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Contactless Restaurant POS

Increase visibility and control

  • More than 700 predefined reports that you can use to manage your business
  • Ability to build custom reports with an easy-to-use drag and drop export feature
  • Consolidate multi-store reporting with extensive drill-down analysis by site, region or concept
  • Standard built-in calculations to create custom data elements for reports and alerts
experience means everything

Over 100,000 restaurants around the world trust NCR VOYIXto help run their businesses.

NCR VOYIX is the #1 restaurant POS provider in the world
18M consumer endpoints serviced by NCR VOYIX globally
30+ years
Over 30 years of restaurant industry expertise, features and functionality

Manage a more profitable business

QR Code Payments
Scheduled Reports
Schedule predefined or custom reports to be automatically delivered to multiple recipients – like your daily sales report sent to your managers at 6 AM everyday.
Data Replication
Replicate data from your corporate data warehouse to an SQL server database of your choice.
Digital Receipts
Accounting & Payroll Export
Export reports that can be used with ADP, Paychex, Quickbooks, Great Plains, MAS 90 and more.
Saved Credit Cards
Current Day Polling
See a view of your current-day net-sales information for each of your stores via a “ticker” application that shows the updated data after each polling event through the day.
Loyalty & Stored Values
Drilldown Viewer
Drill into specific pieces of data, such as category sales, labor, deposits and more with this interactive sales analysis tool.
Branded UI
Alerts Setup
Set up alerts that provide information to management, such as when a batch doesn’t settle, employees approaching overtime, void counts, sales per hour, etc.
built by industry experts

Our restaurant POS solutions are built by industry experts to help increase guest engagement, speed and efficiency.  

Aloha POS hardware
Aloha Cloud
Ideal for restaurants looking for a simple cloud-based solution.
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Aloha Essentials
Ideal for restaurants that need more robust capabilities for off-premise and on-premise restaurant management.
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Point of Sale
Customer Care & Onboarding Support
Payment Processing + EMV
Basic Loyalty
Restaurant Grade Hardware
Email Marketing
Optional add-on
Online Ordering
Optional add-on
Contactless Order & Payments via QR Code
Optional add-on
Advanced Reporting & Business Intelligence
Optional add-on
Gift Cards
Optional add-on
Advanced Loyalty and Marketing
Optional add-on
Optional add-on
Optional add-on
Optional add-on
Digital Signage
Optional add-on
Optional add-on
Optional add-on
Optional add-on
Labor and Inventory Management
Optional add-on
Optional add-on
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