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Maximize your profits with clear, actionable insights.

Mobile app and reporting tools to help you understand your performance and make key decisions.
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Simple, fast and powerful

Turn overwhelming amounts of data into clear, actionable insights.

Reduce the amount of time you spend on manual tasks.

Access your data anytime, anywhere on any device and stay informed with easy-to-use auto alerts.

Track sales versus goals versus forecast so there’s no more guessing, no more mistakes and no more mystery.

See how weather affects your profitability and take immediate action to react to peaks and dips.

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NCR VOYIX powers over 6 million digital orders per week.

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Advanced Reporting & Graphical Dashboards

Gain insights into your business and identify trends with easy-to-use graphical dashboards. This cloud-based advanced reporting tool helps you leverage historical data and automate sales forecasting so you can save time and improve your bottom line.

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Mobile App for GMs & Restaurant Managers

Stay on top of your performance with an app built specifically for busy GMs and restaurant managers. Understand everything that’s going on in your restaurants with net sales by hour, category and order mode to labor dollars and percentage by job code, discounts and more.

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