Set your staff up for success.

Easy-to-use, cloud-based POS features and transparent payment processing enable your staff to take orders and process payments anywhere in your restaurant.   
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Contactless Restaurant POS
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Simple, fast and powerful

Run your restaurant with ease.

Send orders from the front of house to the kitchen using printers or kitchen display monitors.

Tailor the POS to your specific needs with both a quick-service and full-service mode.

Receive simple and competitive rates for payment processing.

Keep your operations running smooth with restaurant grade hardware.

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experience means everything

NCR powers over 6 million digital orders per week.

Key Features

Aloha Cloud Front of House

QR Code Payments

Floor Plans

Separate order modes and menus for curbside pickup, in-house delivery and third-party delivery.
Hold & Fire Items
Maintain order flow and the customer experience.
Digital Receipts
Bar Tabs
Setup, name and share tabs with the bar or another server and hold a card to close it out and avoid walk outs.
Saved Credit Cards
Split Checks
Split checks in equal amounts or by individual seats.
Loyalty & Stored Values
Secure Payments
Process payments including offline, tip adjust, bar tabs and EMV/MSR/NFC.
Branded UI
Order Queues
Manage your orders separately for takeout, delivery, catering, drive-thru and dine-in.
Saved Credit Cards
Clock In/Out
Enable employees to manage their time and attendance directly on the POS
Saved Credit Cards
Order & Pay Anywhere
Increase your speed of service both at the table or in the drive-thru with hand held devices.
Saved Credit Cards
Offline Mode
Share orders between devices, clock-in, send orders to the kitchen, adjust tips and process credit cards while offline.

Aloha Cloud

Per month*
Per month
Per month
Cloud-based Point of Sale
Menu Management
Email Marketing
Site Management
Payment Processing
Online Ordering
Optional Add-On
Advanced Reporting
Optional Add-On
Optional Add-On
Inventory Management
Optional Add-On
Optional Add-On
Employee Management
Optional Add-On
Optional Add-On
Accounting Integration
Optional Add-On
Optional Add-On
Optional Add-On
Kitchen Production
Optional Add-On
Optional Add-On
Optional Add-On
*Pricing includes first hardware terminal subscription.
Onboarding Services and Support included
  • 24X7 Phone and Email Customer Support
  • Virtual Installation and Onboarding Services
  • Payment Setup
  • Menu Consultation and Setup
  • Tax and Store Operations Setup
  • Ecommerce Training and Setup
  • Reporting and Analytics Training and Setup
  • 4- Hour virtual Training