Identify and remove the friction points from your <g2>guest and employee experiences.<g2>

End-to-end strategic advisory services for digital enablement and restaurant transformation.
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  • Are you challenged with aligning your digital experiences to your brand’s values and desired guest experience?
  • Are your systems integrated to the level necessary to optimize operations and enhance the guest experience?
  • Do you struggle with solving business challenges from idea to realization?
  • Are you currently getting the most value out of your technology investments?

We help you bring your vision to life through strategic consulting and innovative, tailor-made solutions.

Strategic advisory services options

We help you solve critical business challenges and build new guest and employee experiences.

  • Boost your bottom-line with digital channel integration, creation of differentiated brand experiences and optimization of your store operations
  • Increase revenue opportunities through audience expansion, dynamic pricing and integration of key partners
  • Work with a partner with deep industry expertise to identify, implement and manage the integrated technology ecosystem needed to realize your strategic vision

We work with you to bring life to vision, validate hypotheses and enable innovation.

  • Develop and deliver an executable strategy that enables an enhanced digital experience
  • Drive holistic change transformation with our end-to-end examination of the purchase journey
  • Expand your digital presence with multiple revenue channels, actionable data and improved guest satisfaction

We take on the design, development, testing and hosting of services to maximize your technology uptime.

  • Utilize our customizable services that are inclusive of integration projects, onboarding of new partnerships, payments, loyalty and more to solve your technology challenges
  • Leverage our established methodologies for development, project management and delivery approaches for a software centric approach
  • Enable your experiences with agile solutioning, inclusive of feature configuration of core systems, development of middleware or use of third-party integrations

We help you compete in the <g2>evolving digital world.<g2>

Discover opportunities
Obtain deep understanding of the business challenge.
Define Strategy
Align opportunities with business impacts and effort levels to maintain the roadmap.
Design Experience
Ideate, prototype and test solutions to validate and refine the desired outcomes.
Develop Solutions
Create solution using an agile, iterative technology to rapidly enable experiences.
Deploy Technology
Launch the solution and maintain it using a DevOps approach to continuous improvement.

Learn how NCR helped Chipotle Europe deliver online and mobile ordering with local languages and currencies to serve up the same experiences, <g>everywhere.<g>

NCR Strategic advisory services

Leverage our expertise to transform your employee and guest experience. <g> Connect with a restaurant technology expert today.<g>


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From digital ordering and loyalty to point-of-sale and partner integrations, Aloha gives you everything you need to run your restaurants end-to-end. With both global scale and a local focus, our restaurant industry experts work with you to solve your difficult challenges.

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