Make your
bank thrive.

We connect your whole bank or financial institution. So your operations run better. Your branches run more efficiently. Your apps are the best in the business. And you get an open, flexible platform that helps you innovate faster—for less cost and risk.

Win the digital transformation.

Your customers want to bank after hours. You want to reduce cost to serve. You can do it all with digital. 

We bring all your technology together so your customers get the best experience, anywhere they are. And your staff? They’ll have it easier, too.

Provident Bank chose NCR Digital Banking to improve their customer experience through better capabilities, a more intuitive design and easy integration with their core banking systems.

Accelerate digital

With our software, hardware and services you’ll do more than go digital—you’ll be a pioneer of the digital revolution. Retail or business banking, your customers or members will love the experience. And your revenue will show it.

With NCR’s digital banking solutions, you can:

  • Increase engagement
  • Drive revenue
  • Cross-sell way more effectively and lower acquisition costs

Transform the branch

Can your customers or members use video to talk to a teller? Can you extend hours without adding staff or cost? Can your tech help you compete with the big banks no matter your size? If you transform with NCR, you bet you can.

NCR provides all the software, hardware and services you need to transform your branch.

NCR helped Switzerland-based SIX revamp its entire ATM network as part of a digital acceleration initiative.

Our suite of managed services will help Punjab National Bank to reduce the high costs of multiple service providers, scale support quickly and ultimately, decrease downtime through high-value managed services.

Optimize your investment

Imagine: your customers or members beginning an ATM transaction on mobile. Seeing personalized up-sell offers in their online banking portal. 

Getting alerts on their smartphone when they pass a local event you’re sponsoring. With NCR, it’s all possible with the industry’s most complete solution to manage your digital and physical customer experiences, end to end.

More than 15,000 banks and credit unions are powered by NCR. Shouldn't you be?

Don’t know where to start? We can help you.
“Our customers recognize just by the design of the NCR 80 Series ATMs that it represents a significant investment in their experience.”

What makes NCR banking solutions different?

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